Compass Retail Forecasting: help retail customers improve cash management

Efficient cash management is pivotal to successful retail operations. Compass Retail Forecasting software enables CITs and commercial banks to better serve their retail clients

Successfully navigating the complexities of cash logistics, while lowering costs and increasing the uptime of cash machines, is a challenge familiar to most CITs and commercial banks working in the retail space. As a fully automated online solution, Compass Retail Forecasting helps you to improve the cash management operations of retail clients.
The innovative software provides an easy and cost-effective way to gain better insights and more control thanks to automated cash handling and integrated reconciliation. Real-time visibility of cash levels allied with sophisticated algorithms enables better forecasting, while the technical statuses of any type of cash handling machine can be monitored to increase uptime. CIT services are also optimized, because orders can be created and tracked easily and accurately. Such benefits ultimately decrease the cost of cash and sharpen your competitive edge – as well as that of your retailer customers.

Features and benefits at a glance

  • Real-time visibility: gain insights into the cash levels, discrepancies, services, and technical status of retail operations
  • Cash process optimization: forecast cash demand and increase the uptime of cash machines, such as smart safes, POS systems, or retail terminals
  • Automated orders: CITs and banks can benefit from automated orders for collection and change money
  • Increased transparency: integrate reconciliation across various levels and receive consignment alerts when orders are created
  • More control: gain control of insurance limits and help retailers with cash flows for each shop, region, or entire operation
  • Offer additional services: value-added services such as pre-crediting can reduce pressure on retailers’ cash flow

A fully automated retail cash management solution

Security, visibility, transparency

Using real-time data processing, Compass Retail Forecasting provides increased transparency to you and your retail clients, while adhering to strict security measures. The software’s benefits are maximized when combined with a smart safe: notes and coins can then automatically be counted and recorded in Compass Retail Forecasting, allowing for automated and immediate reconciliation.

Automated order management

The accurate management and execution of orders is crucial. Compass Retail Forecasting enables you to automatically issue orders and track their progress. For maximum convenience, the software allows cash to be scheduled for collection according to service provider availability and can alert cash centers to incoming consignments.

Real-time insights

Compass Retail Forecasting facilitates continuous and instantaneous updates. All hardware – including cash handling machines and smart safes – can be connected to the software, making cash levels, discrepancies, and the technical status of cash handling machines visible in real time.

End-to-end cash management

Compass Retail Forecasting is able to reconcile records from different systems in real time. Data can be retrieved from the retailer, including from smart safes and POS terminals, as well as from the cash center count room. The result is a clear and immediate end-to-end overview of cash movement, empowering you to make informed, data-driven decisions.

A holistic software approach

Further automate and gain more widespread visibility

Extend the benefits of Compass Retail Forecasting by combining it with G+D’s broad portfolio of industry-leading software solutions for CITs and commercial banks. These end-to-end solutions enhance visibility and forecasting capabilities to optimize security and efficiency for your entire operation.

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