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Compass Transport: take charge of your transport operation

Efficient and timely delivery of cash is crucial for streamlined supply chain flow. Compass Transport gives you control and visibility of packages and orders, helping ensure a high-quality service for clients.

Cash-in-transit (CIT) businesses form the backbone of the cash supply chain, ensuring that cash is promptly collected, transported, and delivered between actors and locations in the cash cycle. As the cash supply chain becomes more dynamic, clients set higher expectations for CITs. Automation of transport services can help you become more efficient, reduce costs, and improve your competitive position. G+D’s Compass Transport solution helps CITs in meeting customer demands. The solution allows you to more efficiently plan routes, track orders, and manage incidents and queries to help keep the service running on time. It increases visibility of your transport operation and resources and provides feedback, through a track and trace system and Android mobile app for the CIT crew, while management reporting helps to continuously improve performance. Integrated billing and query tools speed up processes, helping you to achieve a more efficient and ecure transport operation.

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Features and benefits at a glance

  • Automated planning: communicate changes to routes while in transit, auto-plan journeys based on master routes, and allocate resources such as staff, vehicles, equipment, and other assets to routes and locations
  • Track and trace: gain a clear overview of all your orders and packages and see which services have been executed with track and trace technology
  • Measured performance: configurable KPIs, such as service completion percentage and cost per stop, allow you to measure and manage performance against SLAs
  • Integrated platform: integrate with electronic locks, Google Maps, route optimization systems, and third-party cash center systems
  • Flexible solution: adjust for repacks, recollects, split routes, and various other scenarios and exceptions that are encountered on CIT routes
  • Mobile app: Perform cash deliveries, cash collections, and maintenance work through the Android app. Receipt printing and digital signatures speed up operations while NFC verification, geo-fencing, and integration with ATM e-locks increase security

Track and trace for a streamlined workflow

Follow every order

CIT operators and your clients can track each order and receive progress updates to always stay on top of your operation. Once an order is in the system, its status is updated throughout the order and delivery process, in near-real time.

End-to-end control

The Compass Transport solution allows you to manage transport logistics more effectively. Easily identify the location of each package and the owner and generate billing lines to invoice all services swiftly. This, along with more efficient automated processes, ensures you maintain consistently high-quality customer service and maintain control of operations.

Implement high-level security

Security is imperative when cash is being transported and delivered. Compass Transport helps you maintain a full audit trail with barcode-driven controls. Record any transfers of liability as packages are scanned and validated from the vehicle. Then, during the inbound process, cash can be counted and validated against the expected amount.

Gain visibility of your operations

Compass Transport gives you complete control of your transportation arrangements. Receive orders for transport and maintenance, track packages, and monitor routes on a single, flexible system. Automate parts of the planning, operations, and management, to further improve efficiency.

A holistic software approach

Extend control beyond the transportation of cash

To improve the entire workflow of the cash logistics operation and give you greater efficiency and control, Compass Transport offers extensive integration with other products in G+D’s software suite. Gain additional benefits such as cash center and vault automation, online monitoring, and management of retailer queries and forecasting of cash points, such as ATMs.

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