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CashView: streamline casino cash management

Take advantage of cashier automation to save on paper, resources, and time, and process cash more efficiently with a centralized view of cash levels throughout your casino.

Effective cash management is a key component of running a successful casino. However, it can place a significant demand on resources. CashView can streamline your operations by automating cash requests and populating cashier transfer slips. By reducing the amount of manual effort required, the solution helps to cut down on the amount of time required for auditing.

The software solution also supports the efficient running of back-room operations by using algorithms to help predict orders and deposits. By optimizing cash levels via accurate forecasting, CashView helps eliminate excess cash, outages, and errors. This makes casino operations more efficient and cost-effective, both now and in the future.

Features and benefits at a glance

  • Paperless management: reduce paper forms by 50%–70%, save time, and reduce the cost of manual transfer slips and shift activity sheets with a web-based platform
  • Reduced spreadsheets: auto-aggregate data from cashiers, senior management, cash vault, and accounting to speed up processes
  • Streamlined audit: reduce auditing time by 40% by removing the need for spreadsheets and cutting down the manual effort required
  • Accurate forecasting: forecast cash levels with 95% accuracy to eliminate errors and optimize cash levels
  • Insights at a glance: gain pertinent information through easy-to-process visual reports
  • Reduced audit times: auto-aggregate data so that cashiers, vault staff, and accounting spend fewer hours filling in forms

An efficient casino cash management solution

Save time and costs

By switching to this web-based solution, casinos can significantly reduce the amount of resources required for cash management. Supervisors, as well as auditing, accounting, and security teams, are all able to access transactions entered into CashView, eliminating the need for paper transfer slips and checkout sheets.

Streamline operations

Make the auditing process more efficient by receiving automatic updates on vault inventory and shift activity. Automating cashier transfer slips, cage checkout sheets, and cash requests for the vault delivers unrivaled productivity.

Eliminate errors

Bring cash optimization to the next level with highly accurate forecasting. Precise algorithms and inventory management techniques are used to forecast orders and deposits for competing cash needs based on customer and location demand, deliveries, and historical trends. This helps to eliminate excess cash, outages, and errors.

Digitalize your management

Digitally monitor your slips and orders and get insights from visual reports to make the cash management process easier. Switching to a web-based platform that auto-aggregates shift cashier windows and cage and vault data helps to reduce paper costs and time spent filling out forms and spreadsheets.

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A holistic software approach

Improve efficiencies across every level of your casino

Maximize the potential of CashView by utilizing it in conjunction with other solutions from G+D. Get a 360-degree overview of your casino operations with BPS® Connect Casino or integrate it with G+D banknote processing equipment to bring further efficiencies

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