Central Banks: improve decision-making and take control

Our software suite helps central banks take control of the cash supply chain and increase the quality of information to improve strategic decision-making

In a complex and increasingly digitalized payment landscape, greater access to – and command over – information is pivotal to driving efficiency and cost-effectiveness. G+D, as a global leader in the digitalization of the currency industry, has created the software suite to enable central banks to optimize their operations through increased visibility, cash center management, and intelligent forecasting.
The end-to-end, modular solution allows you to take advantage of state-of-the-art deposit and inventory management, including processing support, seamless upgrades, and real-time insight into cash management across all sites. Intelligent forecasting solutions utilize machine learning to detect trends and predict future cash demand, allowing central banks to better plan resources and improve decision making.
The software suite’s modular design provides you with the tools you need to collaborate more effectively with Commercial Banks and CITs, streamline and automate processes, increase performance, and reduce operational expenses.

Integrated software solutions for Central Banks

Compass VMS®

Powerful, flexible, and scalable, Compass VMS®  enables central banks to manage inventory, process and account for deposits, and administer payouts or cash orders.

Compass VMS® Starter Edition

Budget friendly, simple to use, and scalable, Compass VMS® Starter Edition offers processing support, centralized process control, and seamless upgrade functionality to central banks.

Compass ICO®

The true cost of cash is high and mostly hidden. Compass ICO® provides inventory managers with a complete overview of operations, so you can more efficiently monitor cash levels and control and optimize costs.

Network Forecasting

Thanks to sophisticated machine learning algorithms, Network Forecasting enables central banks to detect trends, create scenarios, and predict cash demand for cash points.

Performance Dashboard

Performance Dashboard enables central banks to use data to improve the performance of the banknote processing operations with cutting-edge technology and intuitive design.

G+D Data Intelligence® Consulting

Make the most of your data and work with our data intelligence consultants to identify issues and generate concrete ideas that improve banknote and cash cycle performance.

G+D Data Intelligence® Hub

G+D Data Intelligence®  Hub is a powerful tool for central banks to make the most of their banknote and cash cycle data through analytics.

BPS® Eco-Comparator

Fit or unfit? The BPS®  Eco-Comparator makes it possible for central banks to simulate threshold values for fitness and to select the optimal settings for banknote sorting. 

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