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Commercial banks: optimize your cash operations

Commercial banks wishing to cut operational costs while better serving customers will greatly benefit from G+D’s modular and highly configurable software suite

If commercial banks are to digitally transform their cash operations, they require a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that optimizes existing resources, increases efficiency, and reduces the cost of cash. This is why G+D, as a global leader in the digitalization of the currency industry, has developed the software suite. The state-of-the-art products provide an easy and cost-effective way for commercial banks to manage resources across their operations and locations and take control of their assets.

The end-to-end, modular solution enables commercial banks to reduce costs by optimizing cash levels across their vaults, cash centers, branches, ATMs, and other cash points. It leverages real-time data for improved visibility of outsourced services and more accurate cash forecasting. By seamlessly connecting to hardware, processes can be further automated, reducing reliance on manual labor. Machine-learning algorithms provide an edge when predicting cash demand for cash centers and cash points and result in additional opportunities for resource optimization.

Integrated software solutions for commercial banks

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Compass Cash Center Enterprise

Powerful, flexible, and scalable, Compass Cash Center Enterprise enables commercial banks to manage inventory, process and account for deposits, and administer payouts or cash orders.

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Compass Cash Center Forecasting

Compass Cash Center Forecasting enables you to predict the behavior of  cash volumes to take best decisions for most efficient and customer oriented processes, separate per cash center.

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Compass Forecasting

Compass Forecasting delivers daily accurate data to commercial banks to ensure optimized cash availability and enhanced service to retail customers.

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Compass Cash Center Starter

Budget friendly, simple to use, and scalable, Compass Cash Center Starter offers processing support, centralized process control, and seamless upgrade functionality to commercial banks.

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Compass System Intelligence

Compass System Intelligence enables commercial banks to use data to improve the performance of the cash processing operations with cutting-edge technology and intuitive design.

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Branch Express

Branch Express enables commercial banks to automate in-branch deposits and streamline cash orders.

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Compass Asset Manager

Compass Asset Manager is an integrated software solution that provides administrators with a comprehensive overview of their banknote processing systems across all locations. It enhances efficiency, operational processes, and security.


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