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Compass Cash Center: state-of-the-art cash management to optimize cash center operations

Commercial banks improve control and optimize cash management with this scalable and highly configurable solution. Compass Cash Center provides real-time insight into end-to-end cash management operations across multiple sites.

Compass Cash Center effectively optimizes bank operations with software customizable to individual customer needs. From commercial banks exclusively requiring inbound cash management solutions to those preferring partial or fully automated cash center operations, Compass Cash Center offers variants to provide solutions for each business need or situation. 

Scalable variants for commercial banks


This simple variant of Compass Cash Center supports inbound cash management with features that coordinate inventory management and deposit reconciliation. This solution is optimal for commercial banks who outsource ATMs.


Expand capabilities with Compass Cash Center Premium, which supports full cash center management, including orders and ATM replenishment. An ideal solution for commercial banks to command both inbound and outbound processes with confidence.


Compass Cash Center Enterprise software enables the possibility to scale or fully automate cash center operations, reducing manual labor and mitigating risk for large-scale operations. Access sophisticated bespoke reporting and gain insight into valuable data to make informed decisions.

Compass Cloud:

For many G+D customers, the thought of relying solely on a cloud-based solution can be daunting and the overall benefits nebulous. With Compass Cloud, businesses enjoy noticeable improvements, such as lower upfront investments, faster and simpler implementation, and consistent availability and security of their data, powered by Microsoft Azure. Compass Cloud provides customers with the flexibility to outsource their data securely and with confidence.  

Compass Cash Center is now available as Cloud offering, in addition to the on-premise solution. Currently, Compass Cloud is available for Compass Cash Center Starter and will soon be available for Premium customers.  

Features and benefits at a glance

  • Boost efficiency: Implement digital workflows and automation to reduce process steps and keystrokes, reducing manual labor and mitigating risk 
  • Improve visibility: Access full track and trace functionality or real-time operational KPIs for better decision making across all processes  
  • Highly secure: Implement role-based access or configure a CCTV interface to mitigate risks 
  • Scalable solutions: Grow-as-you-go thanks to an extensible platform and modular design. Start with simple deposit processing and expand into full scale cash management as your business needs change 
  • Flexible software: Fully customizable, modular software seamlessly integrates with all types of hardware and software applications through standard interfaces 

The Compass Cash Center is also available for central banks and CiTs.

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