Compass Network Forecasting: predict cash demand and lower costs

Compass Network Forecasting enables you to predict future cash demand across all your cash centers, giving you long-term insights to compare scenarios and significantly reduce costs

Responding to fluctuating cash demand relies on accurate forecasting. Predictive analytics transforms cash processing by enabling central banks, commercial banks, and CITs to better manage their cash supply chain and plan for different scenarios. By better matching cash supply and demand, banks and cash centers can save time and money.

Compass Network Forecasting uses sophisticated algorithms and machine learning to more accurately predict cash demand. As part of G+D’s new software suite, it helps to optimize cash center holdings, planning, and operations. This lowers the overall cost of cash and enables you to identify new investment opportunities and maximize the profit-making potential of idle cash.


Features and benefits at a glance

  • Detailed scenario planning: visualize changes in market demand and optimize business planning
  • Improved decision-making: model and compare potential scenarios to make more-data-driven strategic decisions
  • More profitability: long-term forecasting of cash usage allows banks to use the freed-up capital to invest in more profit-making activities
  • Better availability: optimize cash levels at all your locations to balance costs and availability
  • Automation advantages: sophisticated algorithms and machine learning mean manual prediction processes can be automated to improve efficiency and reduce costs

An accurate cash demand forecasting solution

Plan scenarios

Compass Network Forecasting enables you to predict future demand of outbound and inbound cash, up to denomination and fitness level. Modeling, comparing, and preparing for different scenarios helps with making decisions about new business planning, pricing, resources, infrastructure, and new banknotes and coins.

Detailed reporting

The intuitive report builder allows users to simulate different behaviors and cash center configurations within their forecasts. Events that can influence cash demand, including events that recur irregularly (such as Easter or Eid al-Adha), can also be accounted for to help optimize operations.

Forecast dynamic cash demand

Predict cash demand over multiple time periods and per customer, cash center, or region – or across your entire network. These insights provide you with the ability to optimize your cash center holdings, planning, and operations, and collaborate more closely with your partners in the cash supply chain.

Monitor and analyze trends

Sophisticated AI-based algorithms are a key feature of the software. These algorithms use your data on historical transactions, locations, and customers to analyze and detect trends in cash usage. The software uses this data to accurately predict cash demand with a horizon of weeks, months, and even years.

A holistic software approach

Leverage Compass Network Forecasting across your operations

The optimization potential of Compass Network Forecasting can be further enhanced when it is used in combination with other solutions from G+D’s software suite. Gain deeper insights into all aspects of cash management operations, inventory, transport, and logistics to improve the security and efficiency of your operation.

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