Future-proof your cash center with scalable solutions

What does size have to do with efficiency and security? Nothing. And everything. It all depends on the approach. Our intelligent, integrated solutions adapt to the needs of all cash centers to optimize for today and tomorrow. Ready to think big, regardless of size?

If seamlessly functioning processes are what your cash center needs, you have to think big. Or – rather – broad. No matter the size of your operations, sustained improvements to your productivity and adaptability require an integrated approach. At G+D, we’ve been refining services and solutions for cash operations for more than 45 years and continually striving for greater efficiency, security, and flexibility.
Whether you are a central bank, a cash-in-transit company, a commercial bank, or a casino: we are familiar with the different and constantly changing challenges you face. We not only have the experience to understand and anticipate such varied requirements, but also the tools and expertise to resolve them.

Our Advanced Currency Management offering combines intelligent and scalable solutions around the entire cash cycle. We are delighted to support you on your path to process optimization with our modular solutions, which can be tailored to your specific needs – whether they arise from varying monetary and security policy regulations or from unique infrastructure and population developments.
Implement high-level automation and seamlessly connected infrastructure through our wide range of dedicated products and services: from cash cycle analysis and consulting, to banknote and coin processing, to cash center turnkey projects and managed services.

Want to remain resilient and agile well into the future? Together, we can make today’s innovation tomorrow’s standard.

Our solutions

High-speed banknote processing systems

Innovative technologies ensure efficient and secure banknote processing, while scalable systems are ideal for cash centers of all sizes.

Compact banknote processing systems

Small systems for bank branches, casinos or backoffices in retail with outstanding reliability, efficiency, and security in every processing step.

Consulting: expert know-how for cash management

Our experienced consultants support cash-in-transit companies, banks, and casinos in achieving their productivity goals in their cash centers.

Turnkey cash centers: Working together for the ideal solution

A new cash center is a challenge that can only be mastered through collaboration. We work together with the customer to develop turnkey, highly functional solutions.

Cash centers as a managed service

Our Managed Service Operations are available for cash centers of banks, cash-in-transit companies, and casinos. Customers benefit from the flexibility, efficiency, and process maturity of our offering.

Professional coin processing

Our innovative coin processing portfolio sets new standards in efficient and secure coin processing.

Banknote destruction

We are a pioneer in the banknote destruction market. Our high-performance machines destroy and briquette up to 1.5 tons of banknotes per hour.

Automation systems

G+D supplies specific solutions that automatically load banknote processing systems and pack the completed bundles for more efficient cash center management.

Digital Solutions

Benefit from end-to-end digital cash management solutions, such as sophisticated software that increases visibility and reach for all cash cycle players.

Smart Service Solutions

Ensure optimal performance throughout the lifecycle of your systems – and maximize both efficiency and security – with our smart service solutions

Holistic + integrated infrastructure security

Cutting-edge, smart technologies that work in harmony to physically and digitally secure critical infrastructures with high security requirements against all kinds of internal and external attacks.


More insights into Scalable Cash Cycle Solutions

Cash is always in motion.

Systems and processes that fulfill the highest security requirements guarantee a smooth and efficient cash cycle. This is the only way to ensure that banknotes also continue to enjoy peoples’ trust.


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