Convego® Mobile Authentication

Simple, seamless, and secure passwordless authentication

Customers should not have to endure a cumbersome experience when it comes to authentication. However, traditional two-factor authentication (2FA) approaches like a one-time password (OTP) are neither convenient nor safe. 

These OTPs sent by SMS as a second factor of authentication can be phished and hacked; the message itself can be delayed or dropped, and the phone can be SIMjacked. Not only does it compromise security, but it also adds friction to the customer experience at a critical point 

To enable smoother authentications, greater security, and an improved customer experience, G+D offers Convego® Mobile Authentication (CMA).  

CMA is a highly secure, seamless, and biometric-based solution that enables authentication without passwords or PINs by allowing customers to authenticate with multiple biometric options - face, voice, iris, or fingerprint - and even combine them for added security. 

Authentication feels invisible yet secure – all you need for strong customer authentication is a touch of a thumb or a glance at a camera. 

Use cases

It integrates flexibly into a variety of applications.

  • Smoother registration: Biometric verification speeds up and simplifies the process, boosting signup conversions and time to access mobile banking – creating instant value for the first-time user
  • Convenient logins. Accessing accounts via native mobile applications and browser-based web apps is even easier with no passwords to remember.
  • Secure authorizations. Many transaction types, such as money transfers and high-value payments, can be approved quickly and seamlessly using biometric options.
  • Improved e-commerce experience. Biometric authentication minimizes Card Not Present fraud while reducing cart abandonment rates compared to traditional 3D Secure passwords.


Elevate Security

Enhance CX

Reduce Cost

CMA in a nutshell:

  • Scalable proven platform: uses standard APIs which can easily integrate with your current orchestration flows.
  • Enables rapid passwordless authentication: with biometrics, the entire authentication process is as easy as unlocking your phone. The FIDO-based technology under the hood keeps the second factor invisible to the user (public/private key exchange) making two-factor authentication feel like one. 
  • Mitigate common cybersecurity threats: by using FIDO protocols, it encrypts communication throughout the authentication process, and stores private keys and biometric information on users’ devices.
  • Achieve regulatory compliances: CMA is fully compliant with PSD2, RBI, and other global regulations.
  • Unbeatable value: It unlocks mobile’s unparalleled potential by combining smartphone biometrics with modern authentication-striking a balance between usability, cost-effectiveness, and security.
  • No Vendor lock-in, the solution is based on open FIDO standards aimed at developing authentication standards that would "help minimize the world's over-reliance on passwords"
  • Future-proof solution: It provides the flexibility to easily integrate new upcoming authenticators when needed.

Case study

See how we could provide an outstanding solution for a commercial European bank not only securing the authentication process but simplifying the customer experience with biometrics.

Trend reports

6 reasons to implement biometrics now

Authentication is the front door to numerous digital services and consumers have made it clear that traditional authentication approach is not a convenient option - they prefer biometrics, which is now available on most smartphones. Biometric solutions strike a balance between robust security and a seamless experience.

How secure is an SMS in authenticating identities?

SMS as a second factor of authentication is not as safe as once imagined – but there are secure alternatives such as FIDO that can deliver a solution that satisfies service providers, and end consumers, whilst also maintaining regulatory compliance.

PSD2 - the rise of the non‐bank

The introduction of PSD2 has had a hugely powerful effect on the financial services industry, driving a wave of fintech startups and forcing banks to transform and innovate in ways they never have before, ultimately providing a better and more secure service.

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