Convego® tap

With the Convego® tap solution you can offer strong customer authentication in a cost efficient way. Consumers can use their existing, familiar and well-trusted banking card as a secure and convenient authentication factor for online banking. No need to handle extra hardware or inconvenient TAN/ one-time password (OTP) generators or apps.

For secure app onboarding, the user is asked to enter the known online banking credentials (e.g. account number and online banking PIN) and then to tap the banking card as a secure second factor authentication. For the card activation use case, when the consumer receives a new card, this can be easily activated by logging into mobile banking and tapping the card against the phone. No need to visit a bank branch or to activate the card at an ATM.

With our end-to-end security design and a dynamic challenge being sent to the card, Convego® tap provides a strong and dynamic proof that a customer is in possession of the bank card. The technology meets legal requirements for two-factor authentication such as PSD2, supports FIDO-compliant authentication solutions, and can be used to authorize high-value transactions with hardware level security.

Convego® tap in a nutshell

The solution leverages the hardware security of modern banking cards and authenticates the card based on dynamic signatures and the card trust hierarchy. The solution provides end-to-end security between a secure server component and a client SDK. It also operates with several layers of security to make manipulations or replay of authentication data impossible. If combined with a FIDO solution, Convego® tap provides a FIDO-compliant two-factor authenticator (FIDO UAF) based on a FIDO key derived from authenticated card data.

In summary, the main benefits are:

  • Higher transaction values thanks to a simplified two-factor authentication scenario
  • Cost-efficiency because existing hardware is used and no need to send TAN/OTP
  • A digital first approach puts your brand on top of the competition
  • Intuitive, convenient and secure authentication
  • Higher card activation rates and service onboarding
  • Compliant two-factor authentication

Downloads Convego® tap

G+D assisted a European banking giant with a solution for several customer challenges. Here’s how they did it. You can also explore our use cases in the playbook. Or get insights in how you can leverage your business with our experience by downloading our datasheet.

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