Digital Payment Solutions for every-day use of secure payments

Today, users expect payment solutions to be convenient, easy to use, and accessible – anytime, anywhere, anyhow. However, they still need to be safe, secure, and reliable.

We offer digital payment solutions throughout your value chain that not only fulfill expectations but also delight your customers. Our solutions for tokenizing payments make sure that you can offer your customers what they want, when they want it.

Our tokenized payment solutions offer

  • A secure device-agnostic solution and a state-of-the-art digital customer experience
  • Increased customer satisfaction thanks to frictionless digital payments
  • Higher brand retention through built-in technology that enables you to offer customizable payment solutions
  • Increased conversions rates through innovative solutions that enable seamless and compliant customer authentication
  • Customer loyalty, with you as the preferred provider when it comes to payment

Safeguarding payment with tokenization

Safeguarding your customers' payment credentials without compromising on customer experience is the key to success. 57 percent of mobile payment users are concerned about how their data is managed. An additional 38 percent are worried about compromised or stolen data. With our tokenization solutions, your customers can feel safe when using your services.

G+D has all the tools in hand to enable the building of compelling digital payment mechanisms. We found that these capabilities will be critical as the impact of digital payments throughout the financial ecosystem accelerates and as less traditional vendors try to build new payment solutions for consumers.

Nick Maynard, Lead Analyst at Juniper Research

Customer behavior drives payment innovation

Download our infographic showing what the customers really want!

The way we pay is changing rapidly. New devices, new channels and new demands are pushing you closer to the customer. Use these opportunities to grow customer satisfaction.

Tokenized payment solutions

The safe provisioning of payment credentials secures customer payments at all touchpoints: be it a digital wallet, online, or at the POS. Our Convego® CloudPay Suite, in combination with our authentication solutions, serves millions of customers globally, offering added value and brand loyalty.

Convego® CloudPay HCE

G+D’s wallet solution has been conferred the Platinum Award in the Best Digital Wallet category sponsored by Juniper Research. With its easy implementation and simple scalability, it has the potential to win your consumers’ hearts.

Convego® Service Broker

With this token management tool, you can provide a token cockpit for your customers, so they can securely manage the token lifecycle. This solution can also be leveraged as a customer support tool for token lifecycle management.

Convego® CloudPay eSE

Juniper Research awarded our wearable enablement solution with a Platinum Award in its IoT Payment Innovation category. With its OEM agnostic way, the solution conveniently secures payments – regardless of form-factor.

Convego® CloudPay eCOM

Our special solution for e-commerce enables high-level security via card-on-file network tokenization. Merchants no longer need to store sensitive customer payment data. That lets them avoid costly risk-management tools, and eliminates the probability data security breaches and cyber threats.

More insights into digital payments solutions

Enable the full power of tokenized payment

From online shopping to Netflix and Amazon accounts, mobile payment apps or digital wallets – consumers are increasingly using tokenized payment for secure and user-friendly digital payment services. But how can issuers use tokenization to add value for customers and deliver greater power to end-users?

Digital payment security solutions win two Juniper Innovation Research Awards

The leading digital technology analysts "Juniper Research" have honored two G+D solutions with the Future Digital Award for Payment Innovation.

Mastercard approves G+D as Digital Activity Customer

G+D has been granted approval by Mastercard as a Digital Activity Customer. According to G+D’s legacy in innovating and securing payment ecosystems, this cooperation with Mastercard is another successful part of the long-term strategy in creating confidence and establishing strong partnerships.


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