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Today, all payment processes should be simple and secure. Paying with digital cash using a smart device is no longer science fiction. Digitalization, changes in purchasing behavior, and new opportunities in the financial sector have completely transformed customer expectations regarding user experience. This is actually good news. Innovative technologies – and what amounts to a shift in payment channels – creates new opportunities for handling digital money and for business growth. Nevertheless, convenience and easy-to-use services demand frictionless security: safeguarding your customers is an essential cornerstone of digital payment. By putting your customers first, and discovering new ways to surprise and delight them, you will engage them and engender loyalty. And you can identify new revenue streams. We have knowledge and expertise in revolutionizing the digital payments space, with future-proof use cases on hand.

G+D is a pioneer in state-of-the-art payment solutions. We are also an industry leader and innovation partner in the financial sector

We offer valuable experience:

  • Unbeknown to most, our technology is used by billions of people every day. With more than 700 global banks putting their trust in our offerings, we enable secure and convenient money transactions for everyday use.
  • Our safe payments technology, combined with clear and smooth touchpoints throughout the whole customer journey, eases the day-to-day use of financial services. They also help keep our client’s customers obsessed with the technology.

Customer-centric service – for you and your customers

A state-of-the-art customer experience is paramount to customer loyalty. Companies are constantly introducing new technologies – aimed at further enriching the customer experience – by applying current knowledge on customer behavior. Technical innovations and the expectation of ever-more powerful offerings pose key challenges across industry boundaries: Where are new sources of revenue in the value chain? And how can customer loyalty be sustainably deepened?

New distinguishing features must be found to create added value for your customers. The ceaselessly growing digital requirements, coming from both infrastructural and technical perspectives, as well as from consumers and their demands, are immense. We understand the challenges that come with new customer expectations. And we can translate these use cases into new business models – with the customer always in focus. Our solutions give you a technological advantage that can be leveraged when marketing your products. Above all, we support you in improving and differentiating your products and services so that you can strengthen customer trust and loyalty, and increase their commitment to your brand. With our solutions, you can better differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Customer behavior drives payment innovation

Security is a must. Download our report on the importance of secure financial services

Paying with a contactless smart device is no longer science fiction: The way we use money and currencies is changing rapidly. New devices, channels, and demands push you closer to the customer. Use them as opportunities to enhance customer satisfaction.

Success factors and duties in one: Anytime, anywhere, any device

One thing is clear: Today, no one wants to worry about device compatibility or how to execute digital payment transactions. Everything needs to work flawlessly, securely, and smoothly, through all types of channels. No matter which new element comes into play – whether it’s a new smartwatch or other wearable, a new operator or operating system – digital money transfer must work. Period. An omni-channel and device-agnostic approach is vital for a healthy customer relationship – be it online or offline, for onboarding to services, for user authentication, or for digital money transactions. In the end, we enable digital solutions that are sure to captivate your customers.

Press Releases

Awards: Our digital payment security solutions win two Juniper Innovation Research Awards

Leading digital technology analyst Juniper Research has honored two of our solutions with the Future Digital Award for Payment Innovation. Both the digital wallet solution and the wearables payment-enabling platform won the top prize in their respective categories.

Clients: Mastercard approves G+D as Digital Activity Customer

G+D has been granted approval by Mastercard as a Digital Activity Customer. This cooperation with Mastercard continues our legacy of innovating and securing electronic payment ecosystems and marks another successful milestone within our long-term strategy of creating confidence and establishing strong partnerships.