End-to-end urban security

Cities need to get smarter to cope with rapid growth in urban populations.

Without implementing smart solutions, areas like transport, healthcare, infrastructure, and education will simply collapse under the sheer weight of the number of people using them. Smart city solutions communicate via the Internet of Things (IoT), but without proper precautions, they are highly vulnerable to cyberattacks. G+D has developed ultra-secure IoT technology to ensure end-to-end protection.

A world of opportunities with LPWAN

LPWAN (low-power, wide-area network) networks are opening up new opportunities and connectivity options for applications that require low power consumption and low bandwidth. Areas like worker safety, healthcare, and logistics have seen remarkable innovations in this field in the last few years.

LoRaWAN™, NB-IoT, and CAT M are leading LPWAN technologies used. They connect cost-sensitive devices that do not require high bandwidth or speed and offers long-range connectivity.

Trusted key management in LPWAN

Protect IoT device identities with G+D's end-to-end IoT security solutions – from secure key provisioning, identification, and data transmission to onboarding and device lifecycle management.

How smart cities benefit from G+D LPWAN solutions

Scalable and with the highest possible security standards

G+D’s LPWAN solutions offer a scalable, cost-efficient solution to secure connected IoT devices. Whether a city lighting or district heating operator, utilities, device manufacturer, or mobile-network provider, our solutions deliver the highest possible security standards.

Benefits for IoT application providers, end-users, and device makers

  • Ensures end-to-end secured data transmission from device to app via LPWA network preventing data transmitted from being compromised over LPWA networks

  • Allows a secure and seamless device journey from onboarding, roaming, and full-lifecycle management (including firmware update, provider-change, etc.) to removal of IoT devices from the infrastructure

  • Simplifies key management and device identification

  • Key provisioning and rigorous authentication

  • Reduces costs by removing key management burden

IoT-secure UHF for smarter urban mobility

G+D Mobile Security has developed the world's first encryption-based UHF technology that will revolutionize IoT applications requiring security, and distance capabilities of a couple of meters. Our technology reduces power consumption in the RFID (radio frequency identification) chip in order to save energy to enable long read-out distances. Unlike existing UHF tags, data is transmitted in a securely encrypted manner to prevent unauthorized reading and cloning of data during transmission between tag and reader.

With ultra-fast processing, G+D’s secure UHF technology is ideal for areas like ID control, logical access, automatic vehicle identification (AVI), as well as track & trace systems, logistics, and transport ticketing. In the very near future, passengers will simply walk in and out (WIWO) of terminals and traffic will move more smoothly, greatly reducing city congestion while increasing public safety.

Benefits of secure UHF in IoT solutions

  • Ultra-fast transactions and read-out speeds to handle fast throughput

  • No battery maintenance, costs, or problems with product lifetime or recycling

  • Brings authentication, data protection, and privacy into the long-range game

  • Based on ISO 18000, standard UHF protocol, it can coexist in parallel with insecure UHF

  • Integrates easily into account-based ticketing systems

First secure UHF technology developed by G+D experts

G+D offers Secure UHF as enabling technology for the implementation of secure and reliable hands-free ticketing systems.


Some of our many IoT projects

From employee safety to smart homes, G+D has the know-how to securely realize the most ambitious dreams.

  • LPWAN devices
    NB-IoT SIMs for Deutsche Telekom, Germany

  • Smart-home solutions
    Consulting for OSRAM, Germany

  • Industrial safety
    Smart miners’ clothing for Massari and RobbIoT, Brazil

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