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The first step to success

For a mobile network operator, choosing the right SIM platform is the first important step in determining a service strategy. Platforms no longer only consist of requirements for GSM and 3G networks, but have expanded to include new technologies such as Near Field Communications (NFC), LTE, multi-megabyte SIM cards, or the Smart Card Web Server (SCWS). G&D offers its customers a variety of SIM platforms with varying memory sizes, operating systems, and a multitude of features to optimally meet the requirements of modern mobile network operators.

With four SIM platforms for secure mobile communication, G&D provides its customers with solutions which focus on flexibility, cost-efficiency and a short time to market.

A wide range of applications

G&D | SIM Platforms

The successful STARSIM platform opens up a wide range of possibilities for applications. Regardless of the mobile network (GSM, CDMA, or TDMA), the operating system can be adapted to the individual requirements of network operators. Customers can therefore use the available memory for their specific requirements, making STARSIM a very cost-efficient SIM platform.

The available memory is effectively utilized, thanks to optimized memory management. Over-the-Air (OTA) capabilities and add-ons further enhance the SIM. STARSIM also boasts all relevant aspects of hardware and software security.

The Java Card platform

G&D | SIM Platforms

SkySIM is G&D’s SIM card platform for the Java Card market. Its flexibility allows network operators to adapt it quickly and cheaply to their requirements, regardless of the mobile network (GSM, UMTS, CDMA, TDMA, LTE). The SkySIM card has a Flash memory and corresponds to the important ETSI / 3GPP standard.

Regardless of the mobile network (GSM, UMTS, CDMA, TDMA or LTE), the operating system can be adapted to the individual requirements of network operators.

New requirements for SIM platforms

G&D | SIM Platforms

Markets are converging, resulting in new requirements for SIM platforms. To optimize the benefits for our customers, G&D has developed a new operating system, based on Java. Developed from SkySIM, SkySIM CX expands the product portfolio with new technologies such as NFC, LTE, and SCWS, and will also allow current and upcoming technologies to be integrated. SkySIM CX is able to combine Near Field Communication, a contactless data transmission standard, with SWP, SCWS and USB high-speed interfaces.

SIM platforms for M2M

G&D | SIM Platforms

The area of mobile communications also includes machines that communicate with each other independently. For this, flexible and highly robust SIM cards are sought after, particularly for demanding environments such as in vehicles. G&D offers solutions which are effective thermal- and humidity- resistance, as well as shock- and vibration-resistance. In addition to 3GPP SIM functions, the use of Java-based SkySIM and SkySIM CX operating systems means that up-to-date software functions can also be used.