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G&D technologies for tachograph cards mean more security on the roads of Europe

G&D | Tachograph Cards

Digital technology is on the fast track to the future: Not least in the millions of trucks and buses on the motorways of Germany and the rest of the EU. All newly registered commercial vehicles with a gross weight of more than 3.5 tons and all buses with more than nine seats have had to be equipped with a digital tachograph card since May 2006, and these have been compulsory for all AETR states since June 2010.

Tachograph cards make it possible to check easily and accurately whether professional drivers have been complying with the prescribed driving and rest times and whether they are keeping to speed limits. Before setting out, drivers must authenticate themselves in the tachograph unit using their personal tachograph card. This is inserted into the tachograph unit and not removed until the end of the usage period. Data concerning routes and travel time is recorded in the tachograph unit and on the tachograph card.

G&D has implemented tachograph system solutions in Belgium, Ireland, Greece, and other countries. G&D has also equipped the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) with tachograph cards and the necessary technical infrastructure for personalizing and issuing the four different types of smartcards.

This technology meets the rigorous safety standard established by the EU Commission for digital tachograph cards and guarantees safety at the very highest level.

Veridos GmbH

Please also visit the website of Veridos, the one-stop supplier of ID solutions for governments and public authorities worldwide, founded by G&D and Bundesdruckerei:


Success Stories

  • G&D | Tachograph Cards


    Instituut wegTransport & Logistiek België / Institut Transport Routier & Logistique Belgique

    As a long-term partner of the Belgian Ministry of Transport, G&D is also supplying them with tachograph cards. The cards are customized in the G&D production sites in Zaventem (Belgium).

  • G&D | Tachograph Cards


    German Federal Motor Transport Agency (KBA)

    Following on from the personalization system, as of 2010 G&D is also supplying tachograph cards.

  • G&D | Tachograph Cards


    Road Safety Authority

    G&D has been supplying the four tachograph card types to the Irish Ministry of Transport since 2004.

  • G&D | Tachograph Cards


    Ministry of Transportation & Communication

    G&D supplies tachograph cards to Greece.