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Integrated systems, software and service solutions for cash center

Productivity and security are watchwords for all cash centers, be they large cash centers in cash in transit companies or central banks, or the branch of a commercial bank or a casino. However, these cash centers have very different requirements and processes in their day-to-day operations. Consequently, G&D supplies each customer with tailored solutions and products to meet their specific requirements. This includes banknote printers, who benefit from G&D’s special solutions for quality control and banknote destruction.


Integrated Cash Center Solutions

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G&D | Cash Center

G&D | Cash Center

Banknote processing

G&D product portfolio ranges from the BPS 2000 OBIS banknote inspection system, which performs quality control in banknote production, through the Numeron 2+1 processing system, to the 20-stacker, high-performance BPS M7 system.

Banknote processing systems
G&D | Cash Center


Our range of flexibly and functionally designed software is adapted to the requirements of cash centers and their automation components. G&D’s many years of experience in the field of cash center processes enables it to react to all customer requirements.

Cash management software

G&D | Cash Center

Cash center automation

Increase your cash center’s automation level. We provide support for all processes involved in the planning, setup, and operation of your cash center.

Cash center automation
G&D | Cash Center


From planning through installation and tailored service contracts to technical training: services are an integral part of cash center solutions and a major contributor to optimum banknote processing.

Banknote processing services