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Digital Banking Services – secure banking over all channels

Banks are continuing to enjoy a high level of trust with customers - they are symbols of solidity and reliability. These are turbulent times for financial institutions however - they are being placed under enormous pressure by the digital revolution. The clock is ticking for financial institutions – a study by consultants McKinsey & Co. arrived at the conclusion that banks only have a time window of three to five years to complete the digital transition.

The challenges are immense. Technological leaps are following on from each other in quick succession, thereby bringing about changes to infrastructures and channels. New players are increasing the level of competition for the attention and trust of customers. Banks are faced with the threat of losing contact with customers and becoming transaction service providers only – a risk to their own brand awareness. Consumers nowadays are after all much more discerning than before - they expect from their bank the same services with simple, intuitive interfaces they are familiar with from web services and Apps. Around half of the relevant target group is willing to switch bank for better mobile services.

Building on their own strengths

In this situation, it is important for banks to concentrate on their own strengths. They know their customer base very well, and have comprehensive, detailed information on every individual customer, including fully certified identity data. In addition, financial institutions enjoy a trust bonus - after all, their customers entrust them with all their money. On this basis, financial institutions are able to offer new mobile services, especially also in cooperation with interested company clients, and to present themselves credibly as secure service providers.

Managing complexity, using all channels

G&D | Digital Banking Services

G&D is leading banks into the digital world with an array of highly secure solutions and services enabling banks to adopt an omnichannel strategy. This renders possible a mobile ecosystem made up of Apps and services for all aspects of banking - with which a bank is able to raise its awareness with customers as a brand. Financial institutions are able to develop new business models over all channels, and to thereby boost revenues. G&D is able to help them overcome these complex challenges.

With Convego Hub, G&D builds a bridge between the real and virtual payment worlds. The solution comprises enrollment services via online/offline advertising, through to the printing and sending of documents in all known online and offline channels. Payment cards can be created and sent virtually in real-time, and new product offerings are possible with different Cloud services. Services for mobile identities and fraud management, including real-time monitoring, are also included in the product offering.


Digital Banking Services by G&D – secure, powerful, fast!

G&D provides all the essential services banks need to be present in digital and physical channels with powerful products and solutions.

G&D | Digital Banking Services

Enrolment Services

Processes for the onboarding of new customers exist already – they can now be incorporated into banks’ own mobile environments. Virtual payment cards are generated quickly, conveniently and at low cost.

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G&D | Digital Banking Services

Cloud HCE Payment

Freedom from competitors in the ecosystem courtesy of the highly scalable solution for mobile payment. Includes support of all important payment systems and all security levels.

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G&D | Digital Banking Services

Mobile Application Platform

A bank’s own mobile environment makes the bank a permanent part in the mobile lives of its customers.

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G&D | Digital Banking Services

Secure Element Payment

NFC applications such as payment and authentication data can be stored securely on embedded SIM or microSD cards. Become part of the NFC ecosystem – G&D provides reliable assistance with expertise in TSM and Over-the-Air services.

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Digital Banking and G&D: A Success Story

  • G&D | Digital Banking Services

    ING Netherlands

    In Netherlands the number of mobile banking users is high and many of them interested also to have mobile payments available. G&D has provided its Convego CloudPay solution as a managed service and all necessary system integration work and support.

  • G&D | Digital Banking Services

    Commonwealth Bank of Australia

    G&D delivers the Convego® CloudPay solution as a Managed Service, enabling HCE payments for supported Android phones. More Commonwealth Bank customers using the Commbank app can now use their phones for NFC payments across 300,000 contactless terminals throughout the country.