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Easy eSIM Management for Connected Devices

The connected society is built on ubiquitous connectivity for various devices, markets and customers. The management of connectivity and how every device can be connected in a fast, convenient and secure way is the core element of the MNOs' business offering.

With a long experience in eSIM management for M2M, now G&D leads the way once more by providing eSIM management for the consumer market.

G&D offers a seamless scenario for remote on-demand connectivity, based on the latest GSMA specifications. Like we did with the first commercial SIM card, we have reacted to the connectivity need of a fully connected, mobile society.

From M2M to consumer electronics

With more connected devices and the SIM cards already built into many devices during production, the need of simplified and remote management of the relevant subscriptions started in the M2M sector.

As one of the leading players for pluggable SIMs as well as embedded secure elements, G&D turned the established SIM production world upside down by personalizing SIMs over-the-air (OTA) after they have been shipped. The flexibility offered by over-the-air personalization enabled M2M device manufacturers to achieve high production volumes efficiently.

The trend towards the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 entails the need for basically every device to be connected. Manufacturers of consumer electronics products such as cameras and e-books will also benefit from the ability to postpone the personalization of embedded SIMs until the time of purchase or even later, when the device is activated for the first time. Pushing out new subscription profiles to a mass of SIM modules from one central point is a key step toward digitization. It empowers companies to centrally manage all of their connected devices, be it a machine park or a fleet of connected cars.

Mobile network operators can benefit from the opportunity to take a leading role in the IoT market. With eSIM management, many new and creative business models will open up for operators to reveal their full potential.

With our eSIM management solution, G&D enables the secure remote end-to-end management of subscription profiles for a huge number of devices and implements eSIM management systems in various markets.

The all-in-one 4.0 specification

Our market leading solution for on-demand connectivity is driving the industry standards and offers complete flexibility regarding business models. G&D is at the forefront of future GSMA specifications for consumer and M2M devices. Based on the lastest GSMA specification, we have created an all-in-one solution for all use cases, M2M as well as consumer. The 4.0 version overleaps earlier version to be able to address the needs of the MNOs at early stage.


eSIM Management

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G&D | eSIM Management

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G&D | eSIM Management

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