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G&D | Secure voice solutions

Year on year, industrial espionage is resorting to ever more drastic measures. This fact is also reported by members of the German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Telephone, computer, and other telecommunications systems used by companies and public authorities are being spied on in an increasingly systematic and sophisticated fashion. And this is no longer something that only concerns major corporations and government agencies. Criminal activities are increasingly focusing on innovative medium-sized businesses, and medium and high-level authorities. This espionage is not only directed at new products, patents, or design drawings, but also at data about consortiums of bidders, bids, and invitations to bid.


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G&D offers various solutions that government bodies and companies can employ to effectively safeguard their telephone communications. Depending on the specifications, these solutions may cover both mobile communication and landline calls. G&D experts work with regional partners to guarantee country-specific security certification in line with the highest standards.

Secure voice solutions use the Mobile Security Card, a secure microSD card, as a secure element. G&D combines the Mobile Security Card with its lifecycle management application service and software from G&D partner companies to create Secure voice solution packages that meet the highest security requirements.

Secure solutions for voice encryption can also be supplemented by functions for encrypting SMS and e-mails, known as secure messaging.

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Secure use of SMS and e-mail

G&D | Secure voice solutions

Tap-proof mobile communication requires e-mail and text message encryption, in addition to Secure voice. In some cases, authorities and companies do not wish to rely solely on the pre-installed security functions of their mobile platform for their confidential communication. For those customers, G&D offers solutions for Secure messaging as well as combined Secure voice and Secure messaging solutions. With G&D's solutions for secure messaging, customers can implement their individual security policies for PCs and laptops also on smartphones or extend the scope of the mobile platform's functions.

The high-security two-factor authentication with PIN and smartcard that is common in the PC environment, can also be implemented for mobile devices. Two-factor authentication combined with end-to-end encryption and lifecycle management provides customers with an individually configurable security concept for the major mobile platforms such as BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile, and Symbian.

G&D | Secure voice solutions

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G&D is the expert trusted by companies and public authorities – all over the world.

G&D solutions consist of several components that are available individually or offered as a complete package, depending on whether the customer is a company or an authority looking for a Secure voice secure voice and/or secure messaging solution or a security software vendor interested in finding a solution partner.

Secure elements:

  • SIM


G&D partners deliver voice encryption software for various platforms (Symbian, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile), some of which is certified in a whole range of countries by local law enforcement authorities.


G&D services range from lifecycle management, through personalization of secure elements and development support, to value-added packaging and lettershop services.

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