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NTT DOCOMO, INC., Japan's largest mobile network operator, has launched a new mobile phone especially for children. Produced by DOCOMO and SHARP, the devices use eSIM technology from G+D Mobile Security for their connectivity.

Mobiles for kids in several colours
"Kids Keitai SH-03M" mobile phone, produced by DOCOMO and SHARP

Mobile phones especially for children are very popular in Japan with kids – or at least, with their concerned parents. Now NTT DOCOMO has launched the "Kids Keitai SH-03M" mobile phone, specifically designed for children aged from five to 12 years old.

Not only does it work as a phone, but parents can monitor their child’s location using tracking and alarm functions, and prevent children from calling strangers.

The Kids Keitai SH-03M mobile phone contains a small embedded eSIM chip (eUICC) from G+D Mobile Security, which is equipped with mobile phone subscriptions from DOCOMO. As the phone is a pure eSIM device, it has only an embedded UICC without a plug-in SIM slot. The embedded SIM itself is soldered onto the chip board so it can’t be lost or damaged.
And it’s small, so it fits kids’ hands comfortably.

Mobiles for kids in several colours
"Kids Keitai SH-03M" mobile phone, produced by DOCOMO and SHARP

"The embedded SIMs from G+D Mobile Security, based on the proven and secure Sm@rtSIM® CX platform, are the most successful eUICCs worldwide," says Shigeru Kobayashi, General Manager, Personal Communication System Business Unit, Mobile Communication BU at SHARP.

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