Business Development Assistant (Temporary)

Sales  Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Seeking a temporary support (for six months) in the fields of business development, communication, marketing and product management.

Key Result Areas / Responsibilities:

Product Management

To assist the Head of Business Development in development of the product portfolio, by sourcing new products and solutions to enrich and complement the existing product portfolio.  The main activities will include and not limited to:

  • Market research and competition analysis
  • Gathering facts, figures and documentation from specific new vendors
  • Assist in building marketing concepts and relevant analysis to help in the product evaluation process
  • Liaise and coordinate with the G+D Procurement Department during procurement process
  • Design, implement and manage a life cycle programme, to include all G+D core products as well as third party products.
  • Design, implement and manage sales and revenue reports for year-end evaluation with company suppliers (third party)
  • Design a product management plan and implement it in compliance with HQ guidelines and to cover all the MEA HUB market requirements
  • Be the go to person for all product related information and requirements from all the MEA HUB offices
  • Liaise and coordinate all product related activities with different internal and external parties including HQ and sales partners  


  • Supervise, in collaboration with the Head of Business Development, all internal and external communication, through different channels including Salesforce, Partner Portal, Company Intranet, email campaigns etc.
  • Supervise the design, proof-reading and launch of relevant newsletters across different segments, and at specified frequency.
  • To support the Head of Business Development in new initiatives such as the creation of marketing campaigns, offers, etc. 


  • supervise all marketing material and collaterals including:
  • Manage and maintain brochures and documentation.
  • Design and  manage third party products brochures and marketing materials
  • Design and implement marketing surveys across segments including: market research, competition analysis and documentation, customer satisfaction surveys (design and implementation) 

Job Requirements:

  • Excellent communication skills with perfect command of English language; proficiency in additional languages will considered as an added advantage
  • Experience in designing, editing and implementing internal and external communication processes and materials
  • Versed in marketing activities such as market surveys, competition analysis, marketing campaigns
  • Must possess customer orientation skills with the ability to prioritise tasks and activities to cater to customers’ needs.
  • Experience in product life cycle management or ability to design a concept around it.
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in fields of marketing, communication and/or product management.  
  • Candidate must be willing to travel in Middle East and African region if business demands.

Apply To: careers-dxb@gi-de.com