Automation Systems for Increased Efficiency

Automation systems for loading and packing banknotes make the professional handling of cash more ergonomic and improve cash cycle efficiency for a High Speed World. NotaTracc® is designed to complement the BPS® M Systems while NotaPack® works with both BPS® M and X9 systems.

The core process for banknote sorting and authentication is fully automated by the BPS® M systems. Same is true for Single Note Inspection by the BPS® X9 in printing. Additional efficiency and security gains can be achieved by automating the banknote processing steps at the start and end which still involve the manual handling of cash. NotaTracc® and NotaPack® are two building blocks that are ideally suited to streamlining processes for the High Speed World.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Cash room automation: The NotaTracc® loading module and NotaPack® 10 for banknote packaging eliminate manual handling of cash in the processing area.

  • Cash center optimization: Banknotes are ready for seamless integration in cash center intralogistics, either as loose banknotes in NotaTracc® trays or as shrink-wrapped bundles.

  • The NotaTracc® tray enhances coordination between commercial cash centers and central banks, eliminating redundant processes at both ends.

  • Modular automation solutions complement BPS® systems for highspeed handling of cash.

  • NotaPack® 10 completes the automated finishing area in printing works and increases efficiency with reliable and secure automation.

Packaging in shrink-wrap film has many advantages: it prevents any unnoticed opening, and protects banknotes against external influences, while its compact form makes the handling of downstream work significantly easier.


NotaTracc® – Automating Cash Processing, Innovating Cash Logistics

The NotaTracc® system offers two fields of application: automation of modules for intelligent cash processing and effective cash logistics with a standard tray. The core element of the NotaTracc® system is a standardized banknote tray, which allows for secure transport, storage and beyond, picking and placing of loose banknotes.
The NotaTracc® loading module fills banknotes into BPS® M-systems, using a robotic gripper. Up to 40,000 banknotes can be buffered for continuous, uninterrupted operation of the BPS®, while the operator can concentrate on other duties.

The NotaTracc® trays can be used for intralogistics (transport and storage) or even for cash transactions within the cash center network, CITs (Cash-In-Transit) companies or other partners in the cash cycle – significantly reducing handling efforts.

NotaPack® 10

NotaPack® – Great advantages – Small Footprint

NotaPack® 10 is the ideal packaging solution for the BPS® M5, BPS® M7 and BPS® X9 processing systems. The sophisticated security concept of NotaPack® ensures full access control and transparency in the packaging process. The bundles produced by a BPS® are packed in a tamper-proof shrink-wrap film by the NotaPack® 10. At up to ten bundles per minute, the NotaPack® 10 meets the requirements for cost efficient packaging for both cash centers and banknote printers. The modular design of the NotaPack® 10 and the compact module dimensions also ensure that it can be used where space is very limited.

Power consumption and heat emissions are 50% lower than with standard packaging systems. Cash Centers benefit from dedicated features like multi-denomination packaging and dynamic label printing. Banknote Printers can expect optimum aligned interfaces with the BPS® X9 and special features like banknote bundle turning and tracking of output parcel (OPP) numbers.

Download the Case Study

A Vision Turns into Reality

The case of GSA Geldservice Austria and LOOMIS Austria shows time-consuming manual process steps can be eliminated with the help of automated systems such as NotaTracc®.


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