Guaranteed Authenticity: Reliably Protecting Consumers and Patients

Trade in counterfeit branded items and medicinal products is booming worldwide. Illegal replicas are often confused for genuine products as they look very similar, and consumers and patients can barely tell them apart. However, something can be done. Real products and medications are worth protecting – but our high-tech solutions can do even more.

With high-grade security and identification features, we reliably protect products and medications whilst also fulfilling the strict requirements of industry, retail and politics. The technologies used come from banknote production. They are ready for serial production, controllable, integratable, and extraordinarily attractive.

Pharma Serialization: Counterfeit-Proof and Traceable

Printing a serial number on each medication gives it an individual identification feature, which guarantees authenticity and enables seamless tracking on its path to the consumer.

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When Brand Protection Promotes the Brand

Not only do our security features protect your product, but they also give it an attractive look and feel, appealing directly to consumers.

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