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Autonomous driving, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, and mobility as a service are gaining more traction, which fuels the development of advanced technologies. But the increasingly huge amounts of data being created must be properly managed and secured in order to navigate the road ahead.

Evolve and stay ahead on the go

G+D Mobile Security is an experienced leader in digital solutions and robust security, ready to help car manufacturers on their road to a digitized car industry.

Our solutions cover all facets of secure identity management to let you manage millions of connected cars and identities. eSIM management provides and manages user profiles while our Automotive Security Gateway ensures that all transferred data is secure – to name just a few of our innovative solutions.

The identity journey for carmakers

The first step in managing digital identities is creating them. We help you to generate unique car IDs from the Vehicle Identification Number to associate them with their drivers. We deliver state-of-the-art management and protection.
Before a car can shift into high digital gear, it needs all relevant data. Our fully digital process wirelessly transfers an eSIM to a car’s built-in secure element storage, and it provisions user profiles and policies.
We safeguard all data transfers to and from cars against unauthorized access. Our single embedded hardware-software unit controls keys and credentials and offers safe data storage and transfers across the board.
Cars need a digital tune-up to maintain physical safety and cybersecurity. We offer secure management of over-the-air upgrades to the car’s firmware and software.
Remotely revoke car IDs, delete profiles, invalidate certificates, and retract user rights.

Key solutions for automotive manufacturers

Be at the forefront of the automotive revolution and start managing secure, seamless connectivity and providing reliable cyber protection across millions of cars. Embark on your identity journey now.

Car connectivity

The potential of connected cars to delight customers, attract new buyers, and help secure loyalty for vehicle manufacturers is almost unlimited but requires meticulously secured connectivity.

Discover the M2MD Communications Gateway  

M2M SIM modules

Vehicle SIM modules have to be robust to enable years of smooth operation; flexible to handle multiple services; and ready to support innovation in the future. M2M SIM modules by G+D are the solution.

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eSIM management

Deploying local eSIM profiles to updateable embedded SIM cards over-the-air via eSIM Management dramatically simplifies eSIM profile management for automotive manufacturers.

Explore G+D's reliable, trusted platform for the connected car ecosystem  


Automotive evolYOUtion It’s all about managing identities.

G+D Mobile Security is an experienced leader in digital solutions and robust security, ready to help car manufacturers on their road to a digitized car industry


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