Reducing connectivity risks

The connected car era is already adding a new dimension to our digital lives and changing the way we use vehicles forever. And we are only at the beginning of this revolution.

In the future, multiple in-vehicle systems will create huge volumes of data on their own as well as through interactions with the cloud, other devices, other vehicles and traffic infrastructure. This data must be protected to keep all road users safe, while allowing drivers to benefit from digital mobility services.

The potential of these services to delight customers, attract new buyers and help secure loyalty for vehicle manufacturers is almost unlimited. But vehicle manufacturers face many challenges in realizing that potential.

Total number of connected cars in 2021: 69 million.


PWC Connected Cars study, 2016

Connectivity between backend telematics systems, vehicles and other customer devices such as smartphones must be secured quickly and economically. Speed-to-market must also be prioritized to gain or maintain competitive advantage. G+D Mobile Security’s decades of experience in securing mobile connectivity help carmakers manage reliable, trustworthy identities for vehicles, users, drivers, service providers, and other connected devices and infrastructure.

No matter what stage of development: G+D solutions address every aspect of secure connectivity and identity management. As a result, auto manufacturers can safely manage millions of connected cars and identities, with no fuss and a free choice of MNO partners.

Our solution for secure connectivity: M2MD Communications Gateway

G+D partners with M2MD to provide a secured communication channel for all services, especially those that are user-initiated. like remote start and remote unlock.

The M2MD Communications Gateway is the fastest, most efficient, and secure way of establishing protected communications between telematics or IoT platforms and vehicles.

During the past few years, digital in-vehicle services have evolved from a cool innovation to an essential, expected feature. In-vehicle services are now being tailored not just to vehicle owners, but to individual occupants. The optimal management of user profiles, user data, and real-time communications will therefore be just as important as vehicle design and performance statistics.

Why choose G+D for connected car connectivity protection?

In conjunction with G+D Mobile Security, the M2MD Communications Gateway leverages the hardware security of in-vehicle embedded SIM cards for security, and offers super-fast, highly secure connectivity within the connected car environment. The Gateway doesn’t rely on security certificates, thus avoiding the overhead of certificate handling. G+D and M2MD provide the rapid response times for mobile app to vehicle services that connected car customers expect.

M2MD Communications Gateway is extremely cost-effective because it:

  • Uses significantly less power in stand-by mode

  • Generates zero SMS communications costs

  • Saves 95% of the data volume for each time a connection is established

The M2MD Communications Gateway creates a safer, faster digital service experience for connected car users, and lower costs for vehicle manufacturers.

Key features of the M2MD Communications Gateway

  • Establishes nearly instant connection between mobile and connected car (G+D and M2MD reduces the standard connection time of current solutions from approximately 30–40 seconds to less than 3 seconds)

  • Integrates the standard TLS 1.2 secure channel establishment with the 3GPP security of the SIM module.

  • Automotive grade, tamper resistant secure element

  • Managed service, public or private cloud deployment options

  • Avoids the challenges and pitfalls of certificates and PKI

Matching solutions

M2M SIM modules

Vehicle SIM modules have to be robust to enable years of smooth operation; flexible to handle multiple services; and ready to support innovation in the future. M2M SIM modules by G+D are the solution.

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eSIM management

Deploying local eSIM profiles to updateable embedded SIM cards over-the-air via eSIM Management dramatically simplifies eSIM profile management for automotive manufacturers.

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M2MD Communications Gateway: fast, secure, efficient

M2MD and G+D Mobile Security enable automakers to improve user experience through fast, secure, and efficient cellular automotive connectivity.

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