Keeping your business cyber safe

According to a IDC study from March 2017, two-thirds of enterprises experience a security attack at least once a week, almost a third at least daily, and one out of 10 suffers hourly or continuous attacks. G+D Mobile Security makes sure that your organization is fully compliant with all data regulations and secures your corporate assets, sensitive data, and digital transactions.

With stricter communication security and data-protection laws, organizations now also face huge fines if data is compromised. This is compounded by the EU’s impending General Data Protection Act, which is due to come into force in May 2018. After this time, not only will it be a legal requirement for companies to report security breaches, but global companies could face a penalty of up to 4% of annual turnover if a breach occurs.

However, many enterprises lack the resources to develop their own digital-security solutions to keep up with the increasing sophistication and number of attacks.

But G+D knows how to keep businesses safe with comprehensive, industry-leading protection for digital identities, transactions, payments, data, mobile applications, and the connected workplace.

All channels, from cloud services to mobile applications and the IoT

We take care of digital security, so that you can take care of business. Whether you are a manufacturer, service provider (e.g. healthcare), transit operator, bank, mobile network operator, or government, G+D Mobile Security has the solutions to protect your organization according to your specific security needs.

360° digital security that pays for itself

Scalable solutions and customized maintenance contracts

G+D’s scalable solutions fit your required risk levels and business needs for a fraction of in-house development costs. To take care of compliance and security auditing, our consultants ensure full regulatory compliance and security standards are met. For continuous protection, G+D offers customized maintenance contracts with regular security checks and updates. Our enterprise security solutions provide simple security management for administrators, with convenient security and full personalization options for end-users.

Manage identities

We offer a one-stop identity shop for issuing/revoking, provisioning, managing and authenticating digital identities of users (IAM), mobile devices, machines, and applications. Our comprehensive services include key management, data protection, and security for communications.

Build and code secure apps

With our Trusted Application Kit (TAK), developers can build the best possible protection into mobile apps during implementation and coding.

Manage smart cards and tokens

G+D’s StarSign® range of products enable highly secure but flexible smart card and token management.

Benefits of digital security solutions by G+D

  • Maximum compatibility with international security certifications and compliant with payment and transit schemes

  • Scalable security solutions tailored to needs and risk levels

  • Privacy and data protection are compliant with current regulations

  • Identity-driven approach for safeguarding users, devices, apps, and data, setting controls around identity information and no longer relying on a physical perimeter

  • Applicable across all market segments

StarSign® for card and token solutions you can trust

Secure authenticators protect your investments

G+D’s StarSign® technology is founded on our security expertise with national banks, governments, and leading companies all over the world. Our authentication product line comprises numerous certified components including smartcards, tokens, integrated middleware, secure applications, authentication software, mobile solutions, and card-operating software.

StarSign® comes with multiple layers of protection

The StarSign® cards provide two-factor authentication (card and PIN for unique identity instead of insecure passwords), PKI authentication, e-mail de-/encryption, digital signatures, highly secure ID management, and safe storage of employee’s credentials.

StarSign® – a single, flexible multi-application platform

Running on a single, flexible multi-application platform, StarSign® cards are easy to integrate with all major smart card readers and management systems. They also support a wide range of add-on functions such as physical and logical access, time-management, and canteen payments.

StarSign® PKI Card

StarSign® PKI Cards (public key infrastructure) are ideal for secure log-in, remote access, digital signature as well as document and e-mail de-/encryption.

When equipped with a contactless interface, the StarSign® PKI Card can be used for physical access, making it the all-in-one security element for any enterprise.

Benefit from G+D’s future-proof smart card solutions

  • Seamlessly integrates with standard PKI middleware (international industry standard)

  • Fully compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux (no additional drivers necessary)

  • Granted FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

StarSign® FIPS 201 Card

The StarSign® FIPS 201 Card is perfect for accessing IT networks and premises. It complies with rigorous US government personal identification and verification requirements for facilities and information systems (PIV; Federal Information Processing Standards).

The cards can also be upgraded with a range of extra G+D security features for even greater protection.

  • Meets highest PIV standards for dual-interface smart cards

  • Seamlessly integrates with StarSign® PIV applet

  • Compatible with ISO® 14443-compliant contactless applications

StarSign® Crypto USB Token

Powerful security tools with simple plug-and-work functionality

G+D’s tokens are powerful security tools that can be used without driver software or administrator rights and leave no digital footprint after a work session. Various tokens are available to fit specific customer needs.

Our StarSign® Crypto USB Tokens provide a secure IT environment, no matter where the user is, with simple plug-and-work functionality.

  • Fully compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux (no additional drivers necessary)
  • Digital signature as well as document and e-mail encryption
  • Secure remote access to enterprise or private networks, online portals, and online banking
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification fitting PIV and PIV-interoperable markets perfectly
  • Secure authentication and log-in

Buy Crypto USB Tokens online

You can purchase individual tokens or small orders through our partner, Identos, using their online shop.

  Take me to the Identos online shop

TAK for mobile apps with enhanced security

Future-proof your mobile applications

G+D’s Trusted Application Kit (TAK) is a software-developer kit to protect apps and assets for multiple mobile operating systems (such as Android and iOS) with a single API over the full lifecycle.
TAK is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices and country-specific technical issues. It enables safe data transfer and storage of confidential data to stringent security standards and is ideal for any business that requires a high level of protection – from banking to car rental. Being widely scalable and compatible, TAK is also highly cost efficient and can be easily integrated by SPs, APs, and OEMs.

Don’t put your business at risk

More and more apps are being used to speed up business processes. However, any vulnerabilities in apps can be extremely damaging – a compromised smartphone is a threat, not just to the targeted employee but the entire company. And as more personal mobile devices invade the business world, leaks from those devices are opening the door to corporate hacks, business data theft, and crippling cyberattacks.

The best possible security with no compromise on customer experience

The extensive security features include key storage, provisioning (app personalized for user device), device-specific encryption, and feedback on potential security issues (e.g. jailbreaking, root detection, code manipulation, reverse engineering, and key extraction). To prevent network sniffing, confidential information between application and service provider is secured. For greater protection, TAK enables device fingerprinting to establish device ID and bind it to the app. Crucially for end-users, there is no noticeable loss in app performance and confidential data can be stored on their own device.


The StarSign® Crypto USB Token with its compact and lightweight design is the convenient key to strong two-factor authentication, password and credential management, encryption, and secure digital signing applications. Download our StarSign® Crypto USB Token datasheet now and discover how G+D Mobile Security future technologies can help you secure your business.

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