Large Data Volumes Yield New Insights with Data Intelligence

A variety of cash cycle entities are generating data, creating enormous volumes as they capture and store banknote property data, cash transaction network footprints, and historical system data logs, which all means that existing storage and analysis systems are being pushed to their limits. That's why G+D Currency Technology has developed SeriTrack® DISCOVERY for analyzing large volumes of data.

SeriTrack® DISCOVERY is an easy-to-use big data analytics platform, which stores and analyzes structured and unstructured data at petabyte scale. The core of the platform is its analytics engine, which uses machine learning methods, data mining, deep learning and statistics to solve the most complex analytics problems.
The SeriTrack® DISCOVERY platform utilizes modern, robust data storage and management technologies to ensure fast data processing. With the awareness that the industry's prime objectives are to simplify the complexities of big data acquisition and analytics, SeriTrack® DISCOVERY will continue to be developed for different analytics use cases in the cash industry, and provide end-users with a plug-and-play solution for their exact needs.
The seamless combination of the SeriTrack® DISCOVERY platform’s capabilities with functional modules enables customers to swiftly execute complex analytical operations to obtain enhanced results and actionable insights – with no programming skill needed.

Predicting, monitoring, simulating

  • The platform encompasses a robust and scalable file management system as well as a powerful data integration engine. The engine is leveraged to import data from numerous external data sources such as cash processing systems, databases and ERP systems.
  • The SeriTrack® DISCOVERY analytics engine is able to visualize historical reports, as well as performing prediction and pattern recognition that leads to the uncovering of meaningful new insights and hidden correlations from cash cycle data, and can be used as a tool to predict the lifecycle of banknotes in circulation, for example.
  • Several ready-to-use analytics modules enable users to obtain immediate insights from the data. SeriTrack® DISCOVERY’s Monitor module makes it possible to optimize cash center production via the continuous monitoring of processing data, so you get a comprehensive overview on sorting and measurement results and you can compare by machine, branch, or denomination.
  • SeriTrack® DISCOVERY’s Optimize module is basically a large-scale simulator enabling optimization of shredding rates based on changed or simulated thresholds. It can calculate the shredding rate based on new thresholds or a shredding rate target set for a whole country, different branches, or different machines, as well as for different denominations.

How to run SeriTrack® DISCOVERY

For a fast and smooth start into data analytics, G+D operates an online service from its own secure data center located at G+D headquarters in Munich. This means data can be immediately uploaded and the solution is fully accessible, without the need for the customer to have their own analytics hardware environment set-up: G+D will handle all hardware, software and maintenance tasks. Customers have secure web-based access to SeriTrack® DISCOVERY, and data from BPS® machines and other sources can be securely uploaded using BPS® Eco-Remote – a high-security solution used globally for secure data transfer by many G+D customers.

Alternatively, SeriTrack® DISCOVERY can be run on premises using a customer’s own IT hardware. In this arrangement, all data remains at the customer’s own data center while G+D Currency Technology provides its SeriTrack® DISCOVERY platform as an on-site installation. In both scenarios customers receive appropriate training from our data intelligence specialists, so efficient use of the platform is assured. There is also the possibility of customisation on request, integrating additional data sources for example, or expanding analytical capabilities to meet additional customer requirements.

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