G+D Data Intelligence® for a highly efficient cash cycle

We offer a secure and reasonable way to capture, store, manage and analyze the increasing amount of information available in the cash cycle. A portfolio that is based on cutting-edge technology to save costs, drive cash cycles more advanced and make currency management more efficient.

The sheer volume of data available in the cash cycle has grown exponentially over recent years, and that trend is set to continue. As repositories of data expand in size and increase in complexity, a clear need has arisen for intelligent IT solutions that encompass sophisticated software, greater computational power and a secure network infrastructure. The software makes the benefits of big data available by collecting and "cleaning" the right information, which must subsequently be enriched, identified and qualified. It is critical that this software is combined with cutting-edge IT technology based on a secure network infrastructure, to absolutely maximize clarity within the cash cycle and between various stakeholders.
Combining analog processes with digital solutions – directly and in real time, taking into account all aspects of past and future activities – is precisely what the G+D Data Intelligence® software suite does, with the aim of upgrading cash cycles while also making them more efficient and robust by design. This approach results in advanced currency management based on accurate analyses, simulations and predictions, which ultimately drives smarter decision-making, reduces costs, and boosts efficiency: Benefits derived simply by having a clear overview and digitally mapping all operations in a banknote’s lifecycle, from design to production to processing.

Key Benefits

  • Improve decision-making: get data cleaned, enriched, identified, qualified and organized
  • Guarantee availability: secure data for each single participant in the cash and data cycle
  • Ensure transparency: simplify incoming product inspection and identify changes of banknotes in circulation

The G+D Data Intelligence® portfolio

Increase the performance of your banknotes with G+D Data Intelligence Consulting

Improving banknote and cash cycle performance requires enormous amounts of data as well as a secure and efficient use of data intelligence. This is where the G+D Data Intelligence Consulting comes in, focusing on identifying one-off issues with the customer, generating concrete ideas, and applying the skills of G+D Currency Technology’s team of experts to increase performance.

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Increase your banknote quality with SeriTrack® LUNA

With the SeriTrack® LUNA solution from G+D Data Intelligence®, all data from single-note inspections in print works can be merged and evaluated for banknote quality analysis and control. Printing plants can use their data to limit waste in the process and to resolve any faults early, or to learn from issues and institute a fact-based continuous improvement process.

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Optimize your banknote sorting faster with BPS® Eco-Comparator

Fit or unfit? The BPS® Eco-Comparator makes it possible for central banks to simulate threshold values for fitness and to select the optimal settings for banknote sorting. This tool can determine sorting thresholds from a limited amount of data, as well as providing simulations directly on the BPS®, and offline in the office.

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Three Steps to Data Intelligence

Discover how to use your data, communicate your data and think data cycle!


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