Receive the Support You Need, Wherever You Are

Take advantage of our reliable technical experts and receive the support you need at any time, anywhere in the world.

Our service team provides worldwide professional support to ensure you are always supported and all of your questions relating to our systems and solutions are answered. The G+D Currency Technology Technical Support guarantees customers swift response times in the event of faults - via phone call, email, visual support and remote services.

Benefits of our comprehensive support

  • Fast: enjoy short response time from technical support
  • Efficient: maximize availability due to effective problem resolution
  • Expert: let highly qualified personnel find solutions for any issue

Remote Service for maximum productivity

Downtime is a risk for any company and must be taken seriously. Thanks to G+D Remote Service Solution, many machine failures can be resolved swiftly and effectively. By diagnosing and analyzing system malfunctions over the phone or via remote access, you can take advantage of G+D’s expert advice round the clock and quickly resolve issues before they affect operations. This keeps periods of downtime to a minimum and maximizes your productivity. To act proactively rather than reactively, you can also request online system updates and keep your machines up-to-date and future-proof. All remote service solutions adhere to strict security guidelines and use certified technology so you can rest assured that added convenience never compromises on safety.

Benefits of remote technical support:

  • High system availability: reduce unplanned downtime and optimize support for on-site technicians
  • Shortened service times: guarantee rapid assistance and swift repair times
  • Increased efficiency: utilize online system updates and configuration
  • Reliable and secure: maximize security based on the trusted G+D IT environment

G+D Visual Support for precise assistance

If you need a second pair of eyes to examine your machine and diagnose problems, our G+D technical experts are available to provide the support you need. With video assisted support, they can directly examine your system, accurately identify problems and quickly find suitable solutions. This results in maximum communication efficiency and cost-effective support.

Benefits of the visual support

  • Expert: take advantage of an experienced second pair of eyes via video call
  • Effective: enjoy faster and more accurate diagnoses
  • High-quality: improve service quality and enhance resolution times
  • Simple: easily identify and clarify spare part identification by using a smartphone or tablet

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