G+D Currency Technology: Progress often starts in detail.

What sets us apart is always being that key step ahead. For example, in banknote development. There are now barriers against counterfeiters which are extremely difficult to overcome in terms of technical features.

Regardless of whether you are interested in banknote security, the technical subtleties of e-commerce solutions, or questions relating to complex customer project management, at G+D Currency Technology you will find an extraordinary range of career opportunities in an internationally leading, family-owned company.

An Array of Opportunities for Innovative Designers

None of our products epitomize the values that we stand for as much as the banknote. People have been transferring concrete value to these special papers, the design of which is limitless, for centuries. In this environment of beauty and security, art and functionality, our areas of work include not only highly precise sensor technology but also the advancing digitization of payment solutions. If you find that exciting, you’re in the right place with us. What to expect with us:

  • Individual training and development measures support your career planning.

  • A competitive remuneration system and many additional company benefits.

  • With us, children and a career are compatible. G+D offers services to support parents.

A Family Company in Every Respect

G+D Supports Families in Their Career Planning

With us, the compatibility of work and family is more than just a pipe dream. At G+D, parents will find a wide range of options enabling them to bring together children and their career.

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