Logging in to the CMS

The G+D Website uses Typo3 as Content-Management-System (CMS). The Production System (PROD) ist the main System of interest to Editors. This system hosts all the content on the G+D Website and allows to preview content in a stage environment before publishing. Additionally, a Development System (DEV) is available to test new functions. The content on the DEV System however is not up to date.

Login to the Production CMS

Open the backend URL

Navigate to the URL below in the Chrome Browser.

Enter the general access credentials (optional)

To access any backend pages, you have to first pass a general access protection. User name and password is not personal and is usually saved in your browser, so you only have to enter this once. You will find this general username and password with the credentials you received for the Typo3 login. When accessing throug the G+D network this access protection is usually not active.

Login to Typo 3

Once you have passed the general access protection, you will be able to log in to the Typo3 backend with your personal credentials.

Login to the Development CMS

Open the backend URL

Navigate to the URL below in the Chrome Browser to open the DEV-CMS. You will only need to log in to the Dev system if you have requested new functions and these are made available for you to approve. You should be able to use the same access credentials as for the production system described above.