User guide for reviewer

First have a look at the users guide for editors as this one is explaining the basics for versioning and workspaces in TYPO3. This page will only extend the workflow by the reviewers part - the deployment of the content.

General Info

In case you have the access rights of a reviewer, an icon will be shown in top row. By clicking on it you can switch the workspaces. So before you change the content on the page, always be sure in which workspace you are doing the changes

Deploy the content

To deploy the content switch to the module "Workspaces" and follow this process:

1. Select module
2. Select the workspace you want to publish content from
3. Select the element you want to publish
4. Change the state of this element: Publish to Live

Notify the editor

Once again, a popup will open in which you can send a notification to the editor

Deployment successful

After you clicked the button to proceed, the page tree will reload and the site will appear with "normal" list style and will be removed from the workspace overview board