Performance Dashboard: Turning process data into operational excellence

The Performance Dashboard is the perfect enrichment of the BPS® machines supporting you in optimizing the cash centers towards operational excellence – and a truely digital cash center.

Do you really know what’s happening in your cash centers? Our integrated end-to-end Performance Dashboard solution combines state-of-the-art digital twin technology, machine-, site- and resource-data, and a fully customizable, intuitive user interface to drive operational excellence.

  • Increase performance visibility and your control
  • Discover optimization potentials
  • Focus on the discrepancies that require your decision to act

Real data, real time

Cutting-edge digital twin technology allows you to access, monitor, analyze and utilize real data, in real time, and test case simulations and innovations, without disrupting performance, to make impactful changes that maximize efficiency and productivity.

Easy KPI monitoring

Monitor KPIs covering banknote quantity, throughput, counting and stacking performance, anomaly detection, reject rate, jams and stoppages, set thresholds and alerts to receive notifications when they are violated and plan condition-based maintenance.

Enhanced control

Immediately spot inefficiencies, refined to single components of each machine, to make data-driven decisions. Combine data insights to predict and plan maintenance, personnel requirements, processes and benchmarks.

Intuitive and customizable

Configure multiple cockpits in accordance with needs and roles, to provide necessary information in one glance. Easily create pages, shape, add, rearrange and resize widgets and configure KPIs, time spans and assets.

Transparent and secure

Stream data from the BPS®® machines live onto a large-scale shop floor screen for maximum transparency. Share performance data within your organisation or with partners, the high security environment with 2-factor authentification gives you all the freedom without compromising security.

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