Future-proofing vehicle telematics

Connected car and autonomous drive services are evolving incredibly quickly. Automotive manufacturers that want to lead in the new era need a reliably future-proof telematics platform for the services that will generate new data-centric revenue streams.

Telematics services provide the basis for seamlessly delivering a wide range of exciting new digital infotainment and services to automotive end users, with global coverage. This delivery needs to be secure and tailored to local customer preferences and legal requirements – rapidly and with minimum logistical complexity.
G+D’s fully-managed Telematic Services solution leverages eSIM Management to update vehicle SIM modules with the relevant local eSIM profiles over the air. It provides the flexibility automotive manufacturers need to meet all local requirements with minimum effort. What's more, it supports automotive OEMs who want to use telematics Quality of Service to monitor, measure and improve network quality, stability and latency.

Flexibility to meet regional and national requirements

The combination of the G+D telematics platform and over-the-air eSIM management saves manufacturers of connected cars from logistical nightmares. They no longer need to create telematics hubs for multiple countries and network operator profiles individually. Neither do they need to stock multiple types of SIM cards in each country, and no longer need to know in advance which card to use for each vehicle’s TCU.

Video: G+D Identity management in connected cars

Connected cars are a rich data resource, similar to a server. There are a lot of stakeholders in connected-car use cases with varying levels of data access needs – drivers, mechanics, carmakers, and car system elements. G+D's comprehensive automotive cyber security solutions manage and secure identities, policies and access rights involved.

Hao Chen, Director Product Line Management Automotive/M2M

Managed telematics services

G+D’s managed Telematic Services, supported by the company’s expertise as a pioneer in eSIM Management, deliver the smart, flexible connectivity that automotive manufacturers need to succeed in the connected car and autonomous drive eras.

Why choose G+D Telematic Services?

  • Vehicle SIMs serve as unique identifiers and trust anchors for telematics
  • Full compliance and interoperability for applications on the SIM module, removing potential go-to-market barriers
  • Automotive grade eSIM technology with Common Criteria EAL 5 certification, ensuring it acts as a trusted identity anchor for connected car and autonomous drive services
  • A solution proven through commercial installations and numerous deployments with automotive tier one suppliers and the world’s largest vehicle OEMs

Key Features

Vehicle SIM Hardware

  • Common Criteria certified automotive grade UICC -40 to 105°C
  • Automotive AECQ100 qualified
  • Common Criteria certified at EAL 5
  • 3GPP/ETSI Release 10 LTE
  • Java Card 3 classic and Global platform compliant
  • OTA Remote File and Applet Management via SMS/HTTPs
  • Robust performance across vehicle life times
  • Reliability under extreme humidity, shock and vibration


  • Smart and seamless connectivity for telematic and infotainment services with global coverage
  • GSMA eSIM Management to dynamically manage and update SIM profiles over-the-air
  • Customer business logic to automatically download suitable eSIM profiles depending on contracted MNOs and geolocation
  • Fully compliant European and Russian eCall service support
  • Quality of Service monitoring to improve network quality and stability
  • Mobile Device Management to set up and update device parameters

Quality Management

  • ISO TS16.949 Certified Production Sites
  • GSMA SAS UICC Production Accredited Sites
  • Customer audited according to VDA 63

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