5G is just around the corner

After the introduction of 4G (LTE), it was only a matter of time until the next step forward was taken. We are a blink of an eye away from living the 5G reality and this change is far more significant than a mere upgrade in speed, quality or price. The extremely low latency makes it possible that all sorts of devices communicate with each other over the same standard, including critical applications that require very fast responsiveness! At first glance, this new possibility will bring new challenges to businesses - however, it also creates a ton of opportunities for new revenue streams for mobile network operators (MNOs).

Up until now, 4G (LTE) including LTE Advanced and LTE Advanced Pro are the most successful communication standards around the world. 44% of all subscriptions worldwide are based on one of the 4G variants according to GSA. And this market penetration happened in record time. Now, a new major update in technology is just around the corner: 5G. It improves the communication speed, reduces the latency and allows more users to be online at the same time. Also, it allows for new use cases in the fields of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and much more. In summary, it is better, faster, cheaper – however, there is more! The specifications for 5G were written with the Internet of Things (IoT) in mind, allowing the connection of billions of smart connected devices for the very first time within an integrated specification. In this regard, 5G will enable the creation of lots of new use cases leading to new and desired revenue streams for the MNOs. But also, new challenges will arise – the most urgent one being security! IoT devices such as smart meters, smart sensors or actuators will probably not be designed with having security aspects at the top of the mind. This puts the integrity, confidentiality and originality of the communicated data at risk. Therefore, security aspects should be the priority of any decisions made! And the first commercial deployments are already happening: be prepared!

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G+D Mobile Security: We are your trusted partner

As the impact of 5G on our daily lives will be significant, mobile network operators should prepare their business in time. Consider and evaluate new use cases that - with careful planning ahead - can generate new revenue streams. We at G+D Mobile Security are ready for the new technology and can be your partner of choice to tackle challenges and jump on opportunities!

An exciting journey ahead

To leverage the potentials of 5G, a lot of special knowledge is required to evaluate risks adequately and successfully lead the race for creating new businesses opportunities without compromising data security and therefore the own company's reputation that is built on trust. Choosing the right partner can give you the needed strategic advantage: with G+D Mobile Security, you have a partner on your side that holds a reputation of excellence in any matter of security across major industries. We can be at your side from start to finish with services such as consulting, integrating solutions into existing systems or operating these sorts of systems. With G+D Mobile Security, you also benefit from our strong network as we have strong business relations with various well-known companies from many industries to create new state-of-the-art solutions. New lighthouse projects were realized in the last couple of months within the IoT / 5G area, showing the competence and leadership of G+D Mobile Security. Aligning forces with us makes sure that you will stay on top of the wave!

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New technologies require an expert that can adapt to changes before they have happened

G+D is well prepared to service the immediate ecosystem connectivity needs with 5G SIM cards to connect to the 5G non-standalone networks and standalone networks. Apart from extending support to various security schemes to help conceal subscriber identities and secure 5G network access, our aim is to additionally provide a wide variety of security solutions that help create unique identities, enable lifecycle management and secure all of your valuable data streams.


Sharath Muddaiah
Director, Strategic Solutions & IoT

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