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Until now, consumers chose their carrier and then picked their devices from a list of subsidized offers. Today, many consumers select their smart devices first – exciting times for original equipment manufacturers, whose ingenuity brought about this shift in consumer trend. With decades of experience in secure digital solutions, G+D Mobile Security is here to help you master the challenges ahead.

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As lifestyles go even more digital, the number of smart devices continues to rise. This is exciting for original equipment manufacturers, yet not without its challenges. With every new device, OEMs must deliver better, faster, and sleeker features enabling new and innovative services with novel security requirements.

With decades of experience in secure digital solutions and paving the way from physical SIMs to eSIMs, G+D Mobile Security supports you as you strive for differentiation and helps you manage a myriad of connected devices – whether they’re personal end-user devices or end-user IoT devices.

The identity journey for device makers

Securely create and assign IDs, and let users choose their mobile operators from the screen of your device. To guarantee best-in-class protection, load our secure OS solution at any time during the manufacturing process.
Our eSIM management platform lets you send all relevant ID files, from keys and credentials to subscriptions, securely over the air. OS update capabilities protect users and their data with the latest security.
Fully operational devices translate into around-the-clock convenience for consumers and into ongoing work for you. Our solutions ensure secure device operation with continuous identity and data protection, plus easy access to every feature.
We help you to manage regular updates, new security features, and applications safely, while protecting all data transmissions.
Safely complete the identity journey: remove IDs, terminate access rights, delete sensitive data, and deactivate devices remotely.

Key solutions for device makers

Maximize your business ingenuity and securely keep up with evolving user expectations and digital lifestyles. This is the start of your identity journey.

Satisfy expectations around service speed and security

Securing fast service access on all types of connected personal devices, G+D's end-to-end device connectivity solution gives you a robust out-of-the-box eSIM Management solution compliant with the latest GSMA standards.

Explore the possibilities of eSIM Management  

Embedded secure elements

eSE solutions are tiny powerhouses that make your devices secure, reliable, and trustworthy. They provide secure management all the way from the onboarding process to discontinuation and even refurbishment.

Find out what embedded secure elements can do for you  

Wearables solutions for device makers

G+D offers wearables device manufacturers the ability to enable your existing or in-development device, virtually eliminating go-to market blockers.

Find out how G+D can fast track your wearables deployment  

Application security

“Trusted Application Kit” is a mobile application security framework that provides proactive app security, not only during runtime but afterwards with detailed feedback.

Meet TAK, the SDK for apps with enhanced security  

Fraud Management

G+D offers cohesive fraud detection and prevention strategies that span the digital ecosystem.

Meet the onboarding solution that does not compromise usability  


OEM solYOUtions. It's all about managing identities

Keep up with user expectations and offer innovative and secure services with the support of the experienced leader in digital solutions, G+D Mobile Security.


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