Fraud management for a fast-moving world

Almost everyone has a smartphone. This means the vast majority of us are carrying a networked computer with us wherever we go. It is therefore increasingly important that not only device users guard against existing fraud and criminal tactics, but also that device makers future-proof their fraud management for the rapidly approaching hyper-connected world.

Forward-thinking approach

To stay competitive, you must offer the means for an advanced fraud management system.  Make a qualitative leap in terms of prevention and detection, minimizing financial losses and reputation impairment of your customers. Up-to-date devices with the latest security systems are the most important line of defense against fraud and cybercrime. This is why it’s important that applications and identities are reliably and safely managed at all times, and that software updates, bug fixes, and error corrections are installed as soon as they become available. Not only will this approach create a raised base for trust and security, it will also differentiate your devices from competitors and contribute towards a seamless consumer experience.

* Source: Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW), March 2016

Position yourself as a provider of safe and reliably secure devices

The rising number of mobile phone thefts highlights the substantial risk of identity theft, as phones often contain all personal info of their owners.

Mobile or connected device makers must position themselves as providers of safe and reliably secure devices. This not only includes the device itself, but also its constituent components – things like embedded secure elements, trusted secure areas, secure vaults, secure lifecycle management, secure applications with high security requirements and data sensitivity such as payment, access, ticketing, even authentication or identification.

Fraud management solution by G+D

At G+D, we have decades of experience in the reliable management of trustworthy identity services. Our cutting-edge mobile security solutions cover the whole spectrum of identity management, allowing you as OEMs to handle huge numbers of identities with ease. We provide advanced technologies that offer seamless connectivity and innovative services along with robust protection for their personal identities and data. With secure storage, device makers and service providers also have the option to protect credentials, such as identities, if so desired.

Solutions that add value, not complexity

Using our solutions, mobile device manufacturers can quickly and easily establish high-value, one-to-one customer relationships, build differentiated products, and create ongoing revenue streams. The idea is always to add value, but not at the expense of user functionality. Secure services such as secure OS updating, firmware updating, application and identity management, and the ability to integrate over-the-air management capabilities into your offering will allow you to stand out from the competition, avoid commoditization, but most importantly, remain attractive to the end customer.

What fraud management by G+D can do for you

  • System solutions compliant with onboarding processes
  • Easily integrated, modularized solution to ensure a seamless customer experience
  • Data protection, assuring compliance with industry-wide regulations
  • Cohesive fraud detection and prevention strategies that span the digital ecosystem
  • Integrated digitalization: online and offline systems working seamlessly
  • Solutions that offer higher-end customer satisfaction

User authentication that doesn’t compromise usability

So, fraud management is critical. This we know. At the same time, however, today’s users are demanding an increasingly simple and secure experience across all channels. Inconvenient login or authentication mechanisms will push customers to competitors, so it’s important to implement fraud management techniques in a way that does not inconvenience the end user.

Usability – it must be simple, but secure

At G+D, we support hardware manufacturers by offering unobtrusive security solutions that minimize a mobile device user’s exposure to fraud while optimizing the user experience.

Benefits for device makers

Work with us and you will create:

  • Long-term engagements with existing customers
  • Platforms from which to deliver value-added services going far beyond mere devices
  • A strong base to seize future opportunities
  • An in-depth understanding of banking, payment, transit, authentication, and eGov markets
  • A mobile ecosystem with a truly global reach

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