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The drive towards smarter cities, health, infrastructure, and transport is fueling the demand for IoT and M2M solutions. Device manufacturers, carmakers, OEMs, and IoT-service providers are looking for the most secure and reliable mobile-network provider. With G+D’s IoT and M2M solutions, mobile operators now have the perfect tools to serve this fast-growing, new customer class.

By adopting e-SIM technology, mobile network operators can benefit from the opportunity to take a leading role in the IoT market.  «

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G+D's IoT and M2M solutions for mobile operators

Robust IoT SIMs for ultimate reliability and connectivity

+ Secure, flexible IoT SIMs with customizable form factors and special functionality
+ Ultra-durable IoT SIMs, resistant against extreme environmental influences, e.g. temperatures, humidity, vibrations, and shock

Discover the broad range of G+D SIMs  

Manage eSIMs over-the-air

Deploying local eSIM profiles over-the-air via eSIM Management dramatically simplifies SIM profile management for IoT service providers, OEMs or device manufacturers.

Find out how eSIM Management paves the way for the Internet of Things  

NB-IoT solutions

Low-power, wide-area network radio technology (LPWAN) is opening up new opportunities and connectivity options for IoT applications that require low power consumption and low bandwidth.

Explore the possibilities of LPWAN connectivity  

Quality of service and analytics

Gain actionable insights into customer quality of experience with G+D's lightweight, SIM-based analytics solution. Analyses help to identify QoE issues that impact customer churn, to optimize services to retain them, and assess future risks.

Leverage data to ensure quality of service  

Mobile Device Management

G+D Mobile Device Management (MDM) allows operators to remotely manage and update data connectivity settings of M2M/IoT devices used in their network. MDM also provides functionality for application management, diagnostics, firmware and security management.

Find out how to unleash the power of data  

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