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Fast and easily accessible transit is a key factor in the quality of modern life. As the growing world's population gravitates to urbanized environments, public transport systems are under enormous pressure to ensure cost-efficient mobility with high availability and throughput. G+D Mobile Security enables transit operators and authorities to provide secure, flexible, and speedy systems to simplify passengers' lives, today and tomorrow.

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Passengers relaxed and on time

G+D Mobile security's smart ticketing solutions help you to be more agile in satisfying these shifting expectations. We enable you to offer multiple added services that contribute to the convenience and flexibility of the mobile lifestyle of your passengers, from event ticketing and car sharing to parking.

Our expertise in the field makes us your perfect partner to identify key technologies that will help to meet the challenges of the future – increasing efficiency and throughput whilst optimizing costs and reducing cash handling.

Ticketing is going mobile: More and more passengers would prefer to use their smart device for ticketing.

Key solutions for transit

Urban transport solutions

Urban transit providers are under constant pressure to improve services. With G+D’s urban transit solutions, operators can see real improvements quickly but with relatively small outlay.

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MIFARE – G+D's most prominent transit card

G+D can customize its MIFARE card range to fit operator specifications. We have integrated MIFARE capability into our NFC application portfolio for SIM cards to enable mobile contactless ticketing.

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Contactless transit cards

Contactless-ticket systems are customer-friendly and help keep maintenance costs low.

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Secure UHF

G+D now offers Secure UHF as enabling technology for secure and reliable hands-free ticketing systems.

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Mobile ticketing

G+D Mobile Security is at the forefront of developing mobile ticketing for greater passenger and operator convenience without compromising security.

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Smart ticketing solutions for public transport

How can public transport providers address these challenges and get ready for tomorrow? Explore G+D ticketing smart ticketing solutions.


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