G&D | Vision and mission

Our Vision, Mission, and Values


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What we want to be

G&D | Vision and mission

As a family-owned company with a long history and a proven track record of business success, we have developed a strong vision that acts as our compass, both in the markets we already know and those we are entering for the first time:

"We safeguard reliable transactions and authenticity.

We are the technology leader, trusted partner, and preferred provider of products, services, and solutions in all our markets. We act with intercultural excellence and entrepreneurial drive."

Why we are here

G&D | Vision and mission

Our company provides innovative security technologies in connection with banknotes, security documents, and ID systems as well as smartcard-based solutions for telecommunications, electronic payments, and secure mobile applications.

"We make the world secure by ensuring reliable transactions and the authenticity of identities as well as tangible and intangible values – thus contributing to everybody's peace of mind."

This is our mission. It is what unites us as a company with locations on all continents and with a truly international workforce.

What guides us

We have identified five values in order to help us live up to our mission, pursue our vision, and achieve our ambitious business targets. The purpose of these basic principles is to guide our behavior every day. These values are already hallmarks of our company and underpin our corporate culture:

G&D | Vision and mission

  • Trust: We achieve this through proficiency, consideration, and personal approach.
  • Quality: We achieve this through precision, excellence, and reliability.
  • Sustainability: We achieve this through independence, foresight, and value creation.
  • Responsibility: We achieve this through proactivity, consistency, and prudence.
  • Integrity: We achieve this through honesty, transparency, and respect.

Our values shape the way we behave and spur us on to do better. As a company, our goal is not just to achieve commercial success, but also to add value for society. We want to create a successful symbiosis between sustainability and progress. It is imperative to make the planet a better place for us to live in, and to preserve it for our children and future generations.