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End-to-end services to meet the highest standards

G&D | Printing plant services

Security printing means printing at the highest level. As well as the use of innovative technologies it also requires comprehensive expert knowledge of the whole production process. The flow of materials, the inspection of goods, facilities and quality controls, not to mention the management of staff deployment, must all be tightly coordinated. This represents a tremendous challenge for any production facility. As a strong partner with many years of experience and comprehensive expertise in every area of security printing, G&D provides a range of services to governments and their printers, be it expanding a production line or updating production processes to the latest printing and security standards. G&D offers its customers extensive advice on single and package solutions, starting with supply of materials such as ink and paper, all the way to the outfitting of the entire printing plant.

Individual advice and end-to-end project management

From design through to implementation: G&D carries out stringent requirement analyses in close consultation with its customers and uses the results to create the project specifications, precisely tailored to the customer’s needs. G&D uses all the latest technological developments to protect the customer’s competitive edge into the future. From the initial idea through to the finished project, we will support you even in the most ambitious projects.

Production technology - basis for security and successful production

G&D | Printing plant servicesThe key to successful production lies in advanced technology, because all security-related products have to meet extremely high security standards. However, even with the most advanced technology, cost-effectiveness of production must be maintained. G&D’s expert knowledge and long years of experience mean it can guarantee optimum interaction between the different machines used in the various stages of production.

Building blocks of security: raw materials and consumable goods

G&D | Printing plant servicesThe whole may be more than the sum of its parts, but a high-quality product also needs high-quality constituent elements. And raw materials and consumable goods must also meet exacting standards. G&D therefore organizes and controls the entire flow of materials from the source of procurement all the way to the warehouse. Because G&D uses so many materials in its own production processes, goods can be reliably inspected and suppliers can be audited credibly.