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The easy way for pharmaceutical companies to comply with the EU Directive and other international regulations

Giesecke & Devrient: your expert partner in serialisation and Track & Trace

Are you looking to comply with the EU Directive and other international regulations on protection against counterfeit medicines? And are you looking for a solution that will generate, manage and report serial numbers reliably? And, despite the pressure you’re under – the EU Directive cut-off date is 09.02.2019 – would you like to make a forwardlooking, sustainable and economic decision?

G&D | Pharma

Then Giesecke & Devrient should be your first port of call. For the past 160 years we’ve been offering serialisation management to very demanding clients: central banks.

Serialisation expertise for over 160 years

Now we’ve translated this unique expertise to the specific requirements of pharmaceutical companies. The result is the G&D software solution SeriTrack. It enables you to organise the serialisation of prescription pharmaceuticals not only smoothly, but cost-effectively and with an eye to the future.

Smooth launch

From custom advice to ongoing operations: our serialisation experts can offer you everything from a single source so that you can introduce Track & Trace management into your business. By offering comprehensive support – and with SeriTrack’s comprehensive compatibility – we can make sure you comply effortlessly with legal stipulations and deadlines.

Save money with modular solutions

SeriTrack is a streamlined, demand-based solution developed specially for a wide range of international serialisation areas. Its modular structure makes it very quick and easy to adapt to your specific requirements. It requires little work or outlay to implement.

Making serialisation and Track&Trace future-proof

SeriTrack’s modern data structure makes it effortless and convenient to comply with statutory regulations in the EU, USA, Russia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and other countries. And, equally importantly, this software solution is very easy to scale up to future tasks. Handling steadily growing quantities of data, implementing new processes (such as reworking and aggregation) and integrating new products are all plain sailing using SeriTrack.

Act swiftly to ensure you begin serialisation in time

9 February 2019 and other important deadlines are drawing near. Act now to make sure you can still market your pharmaceuticals smoothly once the EU Directive and other international regulations come into force. Set up an appointment with us to advise you without obligation. Our experts are sure to identify the ideal solution for you.

G&D | Pharma

Marius Wiesner and his team can gladly assist you

"SeriTrack makes the high quality standards of banknote serialisation available to the pharmaceuticals industry. It enables companies of all sorts of sizes to comply with complex global requirements, equip themselves today for future developments and keep costs firmly under control."

Marius Wiesner (Director Business Development Track & Trace, Giesecke & Devrient)


Fachartikel „Skalierung von Serialisierungslösungen“ in Pharmaproduktion 2/2017

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Interview mit Marius Wiesner (Quelle: neuen verpackung, Ausgabe 4/2017)

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SeriTrack™ serialisation management

G&D | Pharma

Pharmaceutical producers are faced with having to mark their products with distinct serial numbers and register them in national databases. The G&D software package SeriTrack does all that for you.