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Alois Kliner, Group Vice President, Global Head of Sales Enterprise Security / OEM

“We are currently facing a period of radical change and great developments around the world, and these present all of us with significant challenges. One unmistakable change is the growth in the world’s population and the increased urbanization that comes with it. It is imperative that we adapt the infrastructure of today’s cities and ensure the mobility needs of those living in them are met. There is already a lot of investment flowing into local public transport systems; these have to run seamlessly and be easy for consumers to use.

It comes as no surprise, then, that automated fare collection (AFC) systems have established themselves on every continent. G&D supplies the necessary contactless media components: predominantly contactless cards, and token. We have been providing our customers with high-quality products for over 15 years. It is beyond doubt that smartphones will also play a prominent role in years to come. As a leading innovator, we are already more than equipped to handle these developments and are in a position to offer our customers a portfolio of reliable and future-ready products.”

Solutions for the growing need for mobility

The growth in the world’s population and the emergence of megacities and urban areas are accompanied by a growing need for mobility. To ensure that in the future public transport systems can handle large numbers of people, modern ticketing systems must be put into place that permit a high passenger throughput.

G&D’s contactless ticketing systems have been implemented around the globe since the mid 1990s, with great success. Not only do they enjoy high customer acceptance, they also reduce capital spendings, and help to optimize costs for transport operators. They make public transport far more attractive, and are increasingly offering a sustainable alternative to using cars.

G&D | Public Transport


Contactless tickets enable quick and reliable transactions in public transport systems. All interactions between passengers and the operator’s backend system are conducted via contactless smartcards that guarantee high user-friendliness.

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