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Simplicity at its best – three simple steps and your cashiers are done

  • Simple & Fast – at G&D we understand that time is money so the Bank Express System was designed for efficiency and ease of use. With an average dispense time of seven seconds, your cashiers will be able to complete their back office transactions more efficiently thus allowing them more time to serve your guests.
  • Capacity – Bank Express System has been designed to provide controlled and secure access to 150 pre-assembled employee banks, each containing up to 1000 banknotes and up to 6 rolls of coin.
  • Efficiency – space is at a premium, so the Bank Express System was designed with a minimum footprint utilizing a mere 10 sq feet of valuable floor space.


Bank Express System

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G&D | Bank Express System

More time serving guests

With an average dispense time of only seven seconds your cashiers will be able to spend more time serving your guests. The capacity of BES is one of the largest in the industry holding 150 pre-assembled employee banks. Each bank can hold as many as 1000 banknotes and up to 6 rolls of coin.

Compass Casino: Meeting the unique requirements of the gaming industry

G&D | Bank Express System

Compass Casino is the latest product, incorporating over twenty years of development and continued refinement of our industry-leading Compass software solution. It is designed to meet the unique requirements of the gaming industry. Various modules of Compass Casino control, record, and report on the non-gaming assets of a casino property. Cashier drawers, inventory control, and movement of cash and cash equivalents between inventory points are monitored and reported in both print and extracted file formats.

G&D | Bank Express System

Designed with flexibility in mind, Compass Casino provides user-selectable switches to accommodate processing variations within each property. These switches can be set at the system, user, and individual cash drawer level allowing property-specific customization. New software releases and enhancements are backward compatible and protect data integrity while minimizing the impact on casino operations.

Compass Casino, unlike hardware-based products, is a powerful and comprehensive solution which allows for end-to-end tracking, managing, and balancing of all nongaming assets. Its flexibility and hardware independence makes it an effective and efficient tool in managing and controlling cash and cash equivalents.