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G&D | Banknotes

G&D develops and prints banknotes under the tightest security conditions to meet the exceptional esthetic, security, and technical automation standards of central banks around the world. With more than 150 years of experience in the manufacture of banknotes, G&D has developed an extensive and wide-ranging fund of expertise – from paper production through printing technology all the way to logistics and process engineering. G&D guarantees that this consolidated knowledge and craftsmanship are incorporated in every single banknote. Banknotes from G&D are characterized by innovative and highly complex security features. These include color-shifting, tactile, interactive and hidden effects. Intelligently combined, they offer an unprecedented level of protection counterfeiting – but remain easy to verify by the general public.

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G&D | Banknotes

The Ryder Cup Note

A Perfect Blend of the Traditional and the Modern

The Ryder Cup Note Combines Innovative Design and State-of-the-art-Technology and Security Features


Functional design – integrated security

G&D | Banknotes

Combining aesthetically pleasing banknote design with the required security features is the key to success in banknote production. G&D takes all aspects into account: the artistic design is created in close cooperation with the client and then implemented by the experts at G&D, taking account of the need for both the functional integration of security features and efficient industrial production. With its high level of technological expertise, G&D develops its own security features for all levels of authentication. System partners and suppliers and their products are involved in the process of preparing for industrial production. Careful monitoring of the compatibility of all components is critical here to ensure both the functionality of the end product and secure and efficient manufacturing. G&D achieves this by system integration – or PRINTEGRATION.

Specimen banknote "Architecture"

G&D | Banknotes

The new specimen banknote from G&D is an example of carefully customized security and design expertise. The note is inspired by one of the most influential architecture schools of the 20th century: the Bauhaus. Its principles – functional design, the conscious and perfectly executed use of materials in the graphic arts, the choice of clear and simple geometric forms – provide the design framework for this note. The portrait on the note is of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, one of the founders of the Bauhaus School and its last director. The security features of the note reflect cutting-edge technology in the field and achieve a natural symbiosis between the graphical elements and the traditional techniques of banknote printing, true to the Bauhaus motto of combining art, craft, and technology into a "total work of art".

RollingStar Cube

G&D | Banknotes

On the back of the note, the RollingStar Cube window thread embedded in the substrate catches the eye immediately. The thread features impressively dynamic characteristics created by the counter-running cubes, and a clear color change from gold to green. Based on millions of microscopically small mirror elements, covered with ultra-thin nanoscale metallic layers, the effect cannot be reproduced by conventional means. The integrated clear text and magnetic coding provide additional security at higher authentication levels. Unlike comparable technologies, the effects of the RollingStar security thread are permanent and readily identifiable even in poor lighting.

G&D | Banknotes


LOOK laser technology enables a variety of new effects to be implemented on banknotes. Individualized markings link the different print motifs, while the numbering, as in this example, can be graphically designed and positioned more or less at will.

G&D | Banknotes


TWIN banknote windows with different effects generated by films or high-tech printing techniques are eye-catching and can be quickly and easily verified by anyone looking at them. To authenticate the window elements, users look at them directly, hold them up to the light, or view them at an angle against different backgrounds.

G&D | Banknotes

PEAK pixel

PEAK pixel generates multicolored print images made up of tiny dots (pixels). Tilting or turning the banknote reveals a second image that changes color depending on the viewing angle.

G&D | Banknotes


MAGnite is based on the interaction between special movable color pigments and an external magnetic field, such as those found in the speakers of cell phones. The color pigments align themselves along the magnetic field lines and make the images visible. This interactive display function is made possible by what is called microencapsulation technology. The suspended magnetic particles are contained within highly stable transparent capsules in the printing ink, and this allows them to align themselves.

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