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More than just a card

G&D | Green SIM Cards and Fulfillment

A SIM card is more than just a chip with sophisticated functions – it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. What G&D calls “fulfillment” represents a comprehensive solution provided by a single source. G&D not only optimizes the logistics of the entire SIM process, but also the card bodies, the material they are made from and their shape. G&D also ensures that SIM cards are as environmentally friendly as possible throughout their entire life cycle. This includes the right packaging, as it is still possible to protect a SIM card effectively even when less plastic is used.

G&D defines fulfillment as the extensive range of smart-card services it provides to optimize the product and the supply chain to the customer’s requirements.

G&D optimizes processes from product manufacture through to delivery. All of the customer’s specific technical, ecological and artistic design requirements can be consolidated into countless card designs.

For a green SIM, G&D offers numerous services that accompany the product’s use through its entire life cycle, right up to recycling.

Fulfillment along the entire value chain

G&D | Green SIM Cards and Fulfillment

The fulfillment service for cards and devices spans the entire value-added chain of a card, from receipt of the order to production, right through to the moment users take delivery of their finished, personalized card. G&D operates fulfillment centers around the world that design holistic solutions and put them into practice.

It is G&D’s goal not only to optimize processing flexibility and service levels under high-security conditions, but also to cut the costs of handling, inventory and logistics. As part of the fulfillment service, G&D offers its customers more than just Production on Demand (POD), lettershop services and packaging solutions. Its services range from warehousing and distribution to the customer’s point of sale or end customer, through comprehensive business process integration at the customer’s premises, to reverse logistics and recycling. The aim is to provide a reliable, customized service at a reasonable price.

Attractive packing

G&D | Green SIM Cards and Fulfillment

Unique cards and packaging attract consumer attention and sell faster, allowing network operators to set themselves apart in a fiercely competitive market. And yet, value-added packaging does not need to be expensive. G&D has years of experience in the design of attractive and practical packaging solutions. G&D specialists have created packaging solutions that offer endless possibilities in terms of design. These range from simple packaging that has the primary purpose of protecting cards, through to high-quality combi packs, add-on articles, paperworks, and much more.

  • Blister cardboard
  • Plug-in only
  • Standard lettershop
  • Single flow wrapping
  • Dispenser


Data Sheet Packaging Solutions

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G&D | Green SIM Cards and Fulfillment

Rising ecological awareness

G&D | Green SIM Cards and Fulfillment

As ecological awareness is rising steadily around the world, G&D offers environmentally friendly green SIM cards to support our customers in their efforts to achieve sustainability (Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR).

The green SIM concept

G&D has developed a green SIM concept, incorporating products that are eco-friendly but at the same time comply with current ISO and ETSI standards. For SIM cards G&D has decided to make the card body (ID-1 or ID-1/2 formats) out of paper in order to provide network operators with a tried-and-tested format. The SIM itself will continue to be produced as a ‘plug-in only’ made from recyclable plastic, ensuring that all technical parameters are complied with.

Three solutions have been developed for combining the plug-in with the paper carrier:

  1. Green Embedded SIM – the plug-in paper card
  2. Green Pouch SIM – the plug-in paper pack
  3. Green Half SIM – the ID-1/2 card

G&D | Green SIM Cards and Fulfillment

G&D | Green SIM Cards and Fulfillment

G&D | Green SIM Cards and Fulfillment

The requirement for a green SIM product concept is universal. It ranges from the use of “green” materials and inks, to reducing the form factors to the bare essentials. The G&D production process itself is certified to ISO 14001:2008. Both in the lettershop, where consignments are personalized, and in the packaging, recycled materials and the fewest possible components such as booklets are used. This green approach is completed with optimized logistics along the entire supply chain. While end customers are using the SIMs, updates Over-the-Air (OTA) provide an uncomplicated means of support. Reverse logistics and recycling of the card body ensures that the product life cycle remains green right to the very end.

Green SIM cards

Material, packaging and savings: Read more in the following article.

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Green SIM

Green SIM solutions

The GREEN POUCH SIM card – a clever packaging solution

G&D was a finalist at the Swisscom Supplier Awards. It was nominated for its Plug-in Cut SIM card in the sustainability category “Recycled card bodies instead of plastic for SIM cards“.

The Swisscom Supplier Awards took place for the first time on March 25, 2010 in Berne. The best successes received awards in the categories of sustainability, innovation and co-operation.