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Handset-independent, value-added services for all users

G&D | SIM Applications as Smartcard Web Server

G&D has a highly developed understanding of the market environment of mobile network operators (MNOs). Our experience in designing and developing SIM applications based on customer requirements goes back to our introduction of the world’s first commercial SIM card in 1991. G&D’s SIM platforms support both SmartTrust Wib and SIMalliance S@T SIM browsers and are complemented by a complete portfolio of products based on these applications. This gives G&D customers full access to all the opportunities afforded by SIM applications and services.

Today, value-added services are an essential part of the mobile experience. SIM applications are trend-sensitive and need to be designed to fit specific market needs. Telecommunications companies must constantly offer new services to remain attractive to their customers and meet their expectations regarding availability, innovation, and usability. G&D’s experience and expertise have allowed it to specialize in developing individual value-added services which increase the ARPU. G&D´s SIM applications cover the entire bandwidth of services used by MNOs. G&D also offers MNOs solutions for smart steering of roaming and network management.

Advantages of SIM applications

Applications which run on SIM cards are supported by all cell phones and can therefore be used by all customers. The interoperability of SIM applications means that the same service can be provided on every cell phone. For MNOs, the distribution of value-added services is easier and time to revenue is shorter. Furthermore, MNOs remain in control of the SIM applications. SIM cards are the ideal platform for all security-relevant applications which require strong user authentication and encryption.

Examples of successful SIM applications:

Dual IMSI Makes it easy to switch between activated subscriptions on one SIM card. e.g. between business and private mobile communication contracts.
SMS Lock Protects the subscription from unauthorized use. Applications on a lost or stolen cell phone can be locked by sending an SMS from any other cell phone.
Secret Phonebook Provides PIN protection of phonebook entries on the SIM card. Data protection and confidentiality are completely guaranteed.
SMS Notifier Automatically sends an SMS if a call cannot be taken, e.g. during a meeting. The SMS templates can be customized.
IMEI Lock Prevents SIM cards from working in devices other than the licensed device type. Specially developed for GSM desktop phones.
Social Networking SIM Allows tweets and Facebook status updates from all mobiles via an SMS, even without access to mobile Internet. Incoming messages from social networks can be answered directly with an SMS.
Auto Roaming Solution for new MNOs that do not yet have comprehensive roaming agreements. To offer extensive roaming to customers from the beginning, Auto Roaming only needs one agreement with an established MNO before that operator’s multiple roaming agreements can be used.

Related products and solutions

The first Wireless Internet Browser (Wib) was published by SmartTrust in 1999. G&D was the first SIM manufacturer to use this idea commercially.

SmartTrust Wib

Smartcard Web Server (SCWS)

Based on a modular concept, they are the optimum instrument for developing individual solutions. Every product line supports a variety of technologies such as SIM browsing, WAP, CDMA, TDMA and secure Over-The-Air (OTA) connections. Both browser solutions, the SmartTrust Wib and the SIMalliance S@T SIM, are fully supported by the SIM platforms and the backend systems. Smartcard Web Server (SCWS) enables the MNO to give SIM-based services an individual look and feel, returning control over such services to the MNOs.

Graphical user interfaces

G&D´s SIM cards go well beyond being established operating systems for network authentication. For a long time, the user interface of SIM applications was only text based. Now SIM cards can be equipped with a SCWS that also makes graphical user interfaces possible. Applications are becoming more attractive, thanks in part to the easy navigation that users are familiar with from the Internet, including links and graphical design elements (e.g. icons, pictures and even animation sequences), and dynamic web pages supported by Java Card-based servlets. With the SCWS administration server, MNOs are able to adapt and deliver content to cell phones over-the-air. The SCWS does not just provide a portable graphical user interface for a growing list of applications; it also gives the MNO the ability to personalize non-branded cell phones. The SCWS is also a good platform for monitoring various Machine to Machine (M2M) applications.

SIMalliance S@T

The S@T is a browser that is used by a number of mobile operators. It is based on the SIM Toolkit. It allows value-added services to be developed for SIM environments, like S@T push features and location services, as well as high interaction management. The program simplifies the use of SMS-based services and is compatible with existing SMS billing systems.

S@T offers operators an interoperable platform for quick development and distribution of services for the mass market. With the S@T Test Suite, developers can test the correct and interoperable implementation of S@T specifications in SIM cards for new services.

Through the use of S@T, the open standard used by the SIM Alliance, the browser can dynamically configure the SIM Toolkit and therefore offer a much larger range of services.

The advantages of S@T at a glance:

  • Dynamic operator services
  • Improved services, because the SIM cards’ size is not a limiting factor
  • Simple and fast changes of applications
  • Work with as many content providers as desired

G&D’s S@T browser is fully compliant with the latest S@T standards to ensure interoperability with products from other vendors. This compatibility has been tested and proven with various smart-card vendors in several customer projects. As it is compatible with any SIM Toolkit-enabled cell phones, the S@T browser provides convenient access to WML-based services via any mediation servers.

Parallel browsers with only one server

Operators are able to launch and manage value-added and operator-specific services, regardless of the handset technology, thanks to the Wib and S@T browsers. Our systems support both browsers for parallel operation using only one server. This solution for dynamic menu management makes it possible for mobile operators to offer real time-to-market services. The bottom line: operators are able to offer revenue-generating services and applications with speed and ease.

Related products and solutions

The first Wireless Internet Browser (Wib) was published by SmartTrust in 1999. G&D was the first SIM manufacturer to use this idea commercially.

SmartTrust Wib