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Artwork in miniature

G&D | Postage stamps

Postage stamps are the most popular and most sought-after way of franking mailings worldwide. The images printed on them constitute an inexhaustible reserve of cultural symbols. Postage stamps allow the sender to demonstrate their creative preferences, and give their mailings a personal touch. They are so important economically that in developing countries postage stamps have become coveted export items and a way of bringing in foreign currencies. Postage stamps are an attractive way of documenting a wide range of interesting subjects, occasions, and interests, acting as a cultural envoy for the wider world. Whole nations use them as a medium for conveying their international image.

Quality from tradition

Customers worldwide place their trust in the wide-ranging expertise and longstanding experience of G&D when it comes to manufacturing postage stamps. The production of stamps is one of the company’s traditional areas of business.

G&D’s skills go far beyond the products themselves, however; starting with advice when planning a new series of stamps, G&D offers its customers comprehensive services ranging from design, printing, and perforation through to marketing.

Alongside traditional water-activated postage stamps, the easy-to-use self-adhesive stamps are becoming increasingly popular. This type of stamp can be sold in practical booklets of 10 or 20, and provides a faster and simpler way of sending mail. The reverse side of the booklet can also be used for advertising.

Modern printing processes

G&D | Postage stamps

Our postage stamps are produced in the securities printing plant in Leipzig on high-quality materials using a modern, multi-color offset printing process. Up to four spot colors can be added to the standard set to enhance the stamp’s appearance with additional colors.

The Leipzig facility has been producing stamps for Deutsche Post AG since 1990. It provides the company with commemorative stamps for special events, such as the FIFA World Cup soccer tournament or the Olympic Games, or in memory of famous people. The commemorative stamps are aimed primarily at stamp-lovers and collectors. Like G&D’s customers, these groups are extremely demanding with regard to design and quality.


Postage stamps

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G&D | Postage stamps