G&D | APT - highly secure and machine-readable

APT - highly secure and machine-readable

Anti Piracy Technology


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Covert brand protection for optimum counterfeit protection

APT is a covert security feature for maximum counterfeit protection which can only be identified using special readers. The name APT stands for “Anti-Piracy Technology”. The security feature is based on a special technique that G&D developed for banknote security.

APT can be integrated as a covert feature directly into the relevant substrate, e.g. the printing ink or the manufacturing material, and remains a part of the product throughout its life. APT can be combined with customer-specific print layouts and with other G&D security features.

PSM 200 - fast and reliable authentication of the APT feature

G&D | APT - highly secure and machine-readable

Mystery shoppers, customs officials, and official investigators use the PSM 200 authentication device to verify the APT feature. Together with the machine-readable APT feature, the PSM 200 is a secure system that provides the customer with a fast and easy way of proving authenticity.

Governments, industrial companies, and customs authorities around the world rely on the combination of APT and PSM 200 as a reliable partner in the battle against counterfeiters.