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Excellent Protection with Appealing Effects

With 2D or 3D effects and brilliant color changes, holographic labels have become the most frequently selected technology for enhancing the visual perception of a product.

Holograms specially designed by G&D provide valuable protection through exclusive features that are available in banknote printing, and together with decorative effects ensure protection against counterfeiting.

Normally, security labels are immediately destroyed if any attempt is made to open a sealed package. Additional security cuts and an adhesive specially adapted to the substrate surface make it impossible for the seal to be removed without causing irreversible damage. The serial numbering of the seals – either in alphanumeric form or with a barcode – enables precise quantity control.

Customized Product Seals Offer Effective Protection

Today, quality and security seals are widely used to identify branded products. Self-adhesive seals combine several advantages: they offer multiple functions, a flexible design, and are also cost-effective. As well as the visual features, covert security and track-and-trace features can also be integrated in security seals.

Depending on their intended use, G&D labels can be equipped with various modular security features to adapt them to specific customer requirements. G&D security seals can also be perfectly integrated into the existing production and packaging process.